"Mordal" Bullet - any good?

Hi guys!
I have a question to experienced energy users. Is MordalBullet any good?

123 energy drain is not much, and it has no resistance drain… But it is heat free, and the range is OK-ish… Would you use it in a top-class energy mech?

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It’s decent. Not as good as Bunker Shell but not terrible.

I can’t remember if it has hidden stats.

If it doesn’t, Last Words is probably better since it knocks back and drains resistance.

Last words does not drain resistance. It damages energy cap, I believe…


I see what you did there…

But seriously, yeah, it’s a good weapon. I’d suggest you use grenade launchers with that.

Malice beam do same kind of dmg with more range than mortal bullet.
As i observe energy mech do exceptionally well against heat mech. Heat mech never able to shutdown energy mech. Energy items use less heat in contrast heat items use more energy.

I go physical bam bam pow!

Nope, it damages energy regen.


Yep -13 regen.I find it a bit better then the bullet thingy,since it also has push back, and can set oponent for a valiant sniper/malice/histerya follow up.Also throws phis bam bam users out of range.


MortalBullet drains 12 energy cap

Last words drains 13 regen cap

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Direct comparison:
MordalBullet (damn, I like the way I pronounce it!!!)

VS Last words:

Mordal wins by energy drain, weight, energy cost, is heat free, unlimited use. But last words is push, better range, and bigger DMG… IDK…


i prefer last words with grim cobra

Like i told you bro… mody’s ballet is a niche wepon…it will work against certain builds(energy builds). Last words has a better widespread range.
Do remember… if you start at range 4+… you are denied 1 move at least.
It is still up to u what you want to use.
But as you know… you can also start at 7 range…

I would use the one, which fit better about weight AND combo of your other weapons :exclamation:


It is subjective to the build. 123 is very good drain versus 31 use. No pushback is a draw back. Range is a drawback. Metre summed it up well. Malice beam is just as good with better range. It is good for energy on energy fights but probably not physical or even heat.

You can’t start at 7 range in multiplayer. It’s 1,3 or 5.

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well, you used to be able to. Hence, I equipped stinger mark 1. Too bad it was recalled for corner campers abusing it…