💰 Event - Gold Portal 💰


Did you purposely flip the image upside down? Cheeky


Make sure to adjust your normal mech for campaign. I suggest high resistance and health and a lot less cooling and regen.


thanks, mate. it helped a bunch. i got rid of every single heat or energy-related module and replaced with all plates and a resistance kit. my torso alone supplies enough energy and heat, so i’m able to not get overheated or lose energy even without the extra modules, and i have WAY more hp and resistance now.


I appreciate they’re trying to do, but they’re consistently missing the boat.

More gold, more epic items, more fusion… none of this matters. They only thing that has a chance to help close the gap is a chance to find legendary/mythical-only items. Even with a fully fused mech, there is literally no way to compete with premium items when you don’t have them.


Guess 3 times (I think 1 time is enough), why they dont offer them for all players (f2p) :interrobang:


And they - tacticsoft - really are ABLE to make every single time out of a good idea/event, a bad one …

And why when devs “fix” some things, most of the time there is a “nerf” / decrease of the GOOD things for us players involved :question:

Just saw, now 2000 less Gold then before the fix :exclamation:

W H Y :question:

1500 Gold less
1880 Gold less
2250 Gold less

W H Y :question:

Sorry, my understanding for you cutitng again and again and again is F I N I S H E D !

I posted it, because I saw it as something positiv :exclamation:

You managed to turn my thinking for 180 ° :grey_exclamation:

You offer something for “FREE” (with a little effort) and few hours later you decrease it once more (as you did now so many times) !

NO UNDERSTANDING from my side for that actions :exclamation:

Edit :
I “tested” it once more and saw …

  • its a visual mistake/issue, it promise the wrong amount of Gold now …

  • or they plan to reduce it

I dont know, but always so many confusion, cos most of the updates, new things come with issues :grey_exclamation:


Right after I just spent 200 tokens on 230,000 Gold


Just barely beating it on insane mode ( NO TOKENS SPENT ) :smiley:
Beating 9 bots with no fixing boosts? That’s pretty hard