💰 Event - Gold Portal 💰

Great new Event :

Gold Portal

Portal found …

easy Gold to make …



(2nd time)

(3rd time)

Well done tacticsoft :exclamation:



I dont need that event… I have already 2M gold I need items…

I only do that event for the 45 free tokens :frowning:

Does seem a bit higher than was advertised… Bug? xD ty for the 60k!

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Insane on third try:

Not really worth it anymore


So you get less with every win, Still a pretty good event. Gained 100k and 45 reds for 10mins of work :slight_smile:

If events are regular some giving coins like this or items like unicorn did I’m happy.


So its only worth playing twice. For the third time it gives only 9650 gold for 10 energy.
For 7 energy I can make 8650 gold in mission 3 in the last chapter of the campaign.
Would be nice if they could raise the 9650 to 15 000 or 20 000.

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Try playing each level though,

I played each one and got 14k from normal, 30k from hard and 60k from insane. Perhaps its also random as to what you get?

They should multiply the gold you can get from the mission by 5… so instead of 9650… you can get… 4 million a mission. :slight_smile:


So it is only for gold? No item drops?

yes ! its really bad

We should make a vote!!

I’d rather have fusion fuel… but i guess it helps those who needs gold to fuse…

thin I no longer have refill:grimaçant:

Yes the math behind is again strange …

1st Insane

47125 Gold

2nd Insane

28150 Gold

3rd Insane

69650 Gold

4th Insane

9650 Gold

Which math can explain that :question:

BUT since I am so good for the community …

  • help all players to find the Gold Portal Event

  • annouced it here so all players can notice it

  • showed them how much Gold they can get

… I feel so great :exclamation:

Even greater since I smashed the CYBER GOAT, so I am now the …

bestGOAToftheworld :exclamation:

In our country there is a saying :

"What goes around comes around"
“As you shout into the woods, so it echoes back out”


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Monkeymath heehehe :smiley:


Nono …

@Mohadib explained it here …

I like most this part …

They use a lot of tricks :exclamation:


Ok so i can barely pass normal. Not sure if i wanna try hard or insane. Rip

And on my new account i created awhile back to play as a free player, i cant even kill 3 enemies on normal.

To finish insane I spent 20T to revive my mech. For me it is just one time offer. :slight_smile:

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