Modules/Kits stacking

Instead of scrolling and whining to find the perfect modules/kits you want, why not stack them so you could save your time scrolling? On mobile devices you can’t scroll but keep spamming the next arrow lol. This only applies to Modules and Kits because weapons have color/fusion and some don’t (You know what I mean).

This is my example

After stacked

This was my idea on the old forums but Liran didn’t seem to notice it/The new devs didn’t see it because the old forums was abandoned

What do you think @Sarah247?


Good idea… but with the VERY ridiculous item limit now… you barely need to scroll down much…

Unless you still have thousands of items in your inventory. :stuck_out_tongue:



TS TS TS TS Raise the dam inventory limit
or make it a hell of a lot cheaper to buy them and especially don’t increase the price after every purchase…


This is after I wiped most of it out for the past few months.

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Yes. I agree with this. The item limit may be increased a bit… or if not… can’t they at least not increase the token cost after every purchase?

It’s not like the normal box which resets after a 24 hour cooling period.

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like it :slight_smile: