Modules item boxes removed ? why?


I loved the new item boxes , but why is the modules item boxes dissapeared ? i cant get any legendary HP platings as their drop rates is really really horrible inside mix boxes , shop removed , kits removed , now we cant get basic modules easily ? BRING IT BACK , NOW :rage:


maybe the drop rates in mix boxes for modules was increased??? (which is probably an even worse idea.)

I want mix items, and less modules in mix boxes. I go to modules for modules.


Dont worry , module boxes will be added back soon , just like color kits and the workshop dragging bug that has been left there for more than months



Bwahahahahaha… nice joke.


Lol…That was a pretty nice joke…Or was it…?


Well I have a theory about that …

see my post:
Campaign Grinding SM Spending Guide (maximized for fusion)

My theory is as follows:

The Modules Boxes were giving essentially 2 things bonus.

  1. a good power/SM spent output for fusion (semi-OP in contrast to the other boxes)
  2. due to them costing only 20000 SM you could spam buy them so you could change two important factors:
    a) Each box you purchase increases a counter that makes a bonus Power kit more probable to be included in the box
    b) Each box you purchase increases a counter that makes A MYTHICAL ITEM included in the next box 100% probable after many purchases (but obviously not that many so that was SUPER-OP if you count purchases you made :wink: )

Also there was a technical difficulty with the modules (due to spam buying) in your workshop display and inventory. If you had more than 500 items a message box “Please Wait” was shown and items were loading in the background.

I guess that this was heavy on resources both on system memory and data bandwidth for fetching the list.
You have to take into account that the same game can be played on both Computers and Smart Phones and
probably the insane number of items on the modules category made the game sloppy or non-working
on some systems… (probably the game freezes many people complain about)


Neeeeerd! Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not even surprised about this ever since I crash almost all the time when I open Modules Box


They srsly need to add back the shop or some other way to get low level items. Taking off module boxes makes no sense… why not the top weapon boxes? Or specials? Why just modules?
Anyway they keep refusing to bring back shop but wont add a way to get things like shields, 1 kg TPs or usefull low level push weapons, modules, etc.
Some of the staples in the game are currently not availible to newer players.
Not only is it unfair, but they seem to fail to realise how relevent the issue is, much less take any action about it.


High level items would be good too, because 99% of the time you get useless items from credit item boxes…


High level items are attainable at least, even if u have to buy 400 boxes to get a particular item. Still tho, shop or a method to get the item without having to buy hundreds of boxes would be a god send.