Modules from premium packs?

So, just wanted to ask a question. Been around for a bit now, and opened quite a few premium packs (and boxes)… and never have I got a single module. Of any kind. Is this just me, or am I super unlucky? Or am I missing something here?

Farm ramboy for modules, thats how I got them


I’m doing that, and I do get epic + ones from time to time (from silver boxes and such). But I’m really wondering about the legendary + ones… especially platinum plating. Does that only drop from Ramboy? I’d hope not.

less than 1% of people actually get platinum plating

Theres no secret to getting it besides paying a lot of money

Tried that. No luck. Thus this thread :confused:

Somebody once bought 15000 tokens worth of premium packs and got no platinum plating

Good luck with that :sweat_smile:

I cant even say they lowered the drop rates of good items so much for monetary gain, as people have stopped paying money because $100 yeilds them nothing

I spent an absurd amount of money and got no platinum, no myth resist, no bunker shells.

I’m officially free to play from now on because these drop rates are hilariously bad.

Many people posted “don’t spend money” in the past and I can now agree it really is a scam.

Someone talked from 15000 tokens and no Platinum Plating, here some more realistic numbers …


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I wont admit to how many I blew but it is somewhere between those two numbers, with pretty much nothing to show for it.

I do have 1 valiant sniper and 3 ash creators yay

I agree with you 100% about that, maybe the very low % chances (I think they are 0 atm, and I also know a bug, which stop you from getting one) are not a scam, BUT what is a scam is, that 10 - 15 players got this very very rare items via cheating, they have multiply of these items, without paying 1 $ AND the honest playing people like you and I, get very very very less :exclamation:

That is the scam for me, that tacticxsoft let run the cheated accounts and still let pay honest players :exclamation:

  • cheating … rarest items multiply (and not only 1 special item, all best items multiply)

  • playing honest / investing a lot real money … not even the half best items compaired with the cheated accounts


That says all :exclamation:


P.S.: to clear, this is NOT against the ones who got their best items multiply times investing real money :exclamation:

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So how would someone know if they are affected by a bug preventing finding certain items? I know I have seen Wepwawet mention something similar before.

I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist any bug like the one mentioned, just really low drop rates for some items.

Not correct, I know the bug, saw it self at my account, reported it, got question for details, gave them.

NO answer since WEEKS.

They treat their best costumers like "only to use them to get important infos for them, BUT you get no answer and no help about. If that bug really stopped to get the Platinum Plating WE (and I talk about many players) have invested into NOTHING, means we would have had more fun, throwing the money out of the window :exclamation:

And IF it is not that bug, “something” stopp big spenders from getting it :exclamation:


Thats the reason I stopped spending real money long time ago :exclamation:

I can waste my money in much better ways :exclamation:


I don’t know if there is a bug per se but I feel like they change drop rates for individuals, like if you spend money they reduce the drop rate significantly because they know you will keep spending. At least this is my conspiracy theory.

Their refusal to show drop chances as well as the common trend of spenders not getting items fuels the theory.

Of course, an absurdly low drop rate would produce the same effect.

However I see many people with these mythical modules on a very regular basis, so I really don’t know what to think.

I am very disenchanted and disappointed, and I feel like I was manipulated. It has taken a lot of the fun out of the game because I know I cannot compete at the top without these items. As a competitive person it makes me feel like “what is the point.”

I made it to 18th place this past week. I guess I’ll just be happy with that and take my money elsewhere.

I did just start playing Hades’ Star which is a pretty fun iOS space empire building game and that has effectively distracted me from the Supermechs hamster wheel.

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Furthermore, the biggest ‘scam’ is that I trash 9/10 heat mechs that have exotic weapons such as Abomination, Flaming Scope, lava scopes etc.

In fact every single opponent that has used the Flaming Scope against me has lost, without exception.

I have a ‘cheap’ build and have spent NOT ONE CENT.


Nice! I’ve also won every time someone used a flaming scope; my build reduces opponent cooling fairly quickly, and my own cooling is quite high (260 atm, eventually 320), so that scope always ends up shutting them down and giving me the win.

At least this game is playable - and winnable - without spending money; still, it could be a lot better.

Can i see your build? I have murmur and heat orb, but dont know what to do with them