Modules Are Kinda Rare

idk about you guys … but i played this game for 5 Months (since the UPDATE) and all i got is like 2 maybe
3 E-L-M modules ( i wont even mention the max prot and plat plate) so maybe boosting their drop rate will be good ? cause even with good weapons and trash modules you can’t go so far …
Or maybe i was just So Unlucky … Tell me guys what you think
peace :sunny:

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Modules are rare . The engines I have all dropped from silver boxes though. Keep grinding


kinda tired of trying

They are the difference in being decent and good. I understand and being tired of grinding. Take a break for a while . Come back refreshed .

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I’ve noticed a major drop change with these lately. It wasn’t uncommon for me to receive around 10-20 heat/energy engines in just a week or two of farming.

But the last couple of weeks I’ve rarely seen at all. I’ve gotten two heat engines from premium boxes and from burning a mil or so in silvers.

They really gotta fix these drops. It’s just downright pathetic at this point. again


I think they are too common… I get an overload of engines and boosters
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Heat ones perhaps, but I’ve struck out with finding any Energy ones. Hell I lack all kinds at this point. I regret fusing my stash months ago.

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i was looking for energy ones … but i got 2 Heat engines so i build a Heat mech :confused: but i HATE heat Mechs :cry:

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2 short for a full but cause I use for fuse

Is this what I get instead of Premium Items???

xD @WinzKay I Hate You ( joking)

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Winz don’t make me break you in two. (jk)

Yes I’m quite jealous but at the same time I’m impressed


You are unlucky,i m free to play and i got a lot e l m modules,and about plat and resitance,keep those items drop like this,because yeah will be cool to get them,and then if developers make drop rate bigger players will start crying about how so many players have those two items,so keep it like that and try harder

At this point. I think top players would rather lower ranked players get them, because those who know how to play and have solid builds but are limited due to HP/Resist would progress to the top. Therefore populating the top 100 with more players to fight. More different mechs, more different strats etc.

I for one would rather we got a booster drop of them. Just not an overkill one. Last thing I wanna see is LOTW with 30 plats and 50 protectors. Or anyone who has more than 2. (of either).

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Rare? Pffffffffffffffffff

Just because you show luck in obtaining modules. Does not mean it’s the same for everyone.

I myself for the last month have spent roughly 7,000 tokens refueling and buying boxes to get engines. And have gotten nothing in the last month. The odds have changed. Either for everyone or for some.


Which mission are you grinding for epics?

Both RB (all modes), Den6 (all modes) and I’ve tried the boss levels past RB (just the second/third after RB). And haven’t received any energy engines or heat ones from them. Only two from PB’s and Silvers. Not from missions.

There are a lot of kiddos with op stuf and they don t even know how to use them

That’s why I said, only those with who know how to utilize them effectively will progress further.


Well gosh… I’m screwed lol