Module Help: What to use?

Currently I have organised my energy and heat modules to make room for 2 health modules. I have no epic to myth modules, and Im wondering if for now I should use savior resistance + Iron plating, or two iron platings?


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Thanks for the reply!

I run 2 plates + savior, 2 HE, 3 EE

I used to have my loadout like that,too.
Then I changed the res. to another plate.Saw the difference.
Just the resistance Savior provides you with is not barely enough to make a difference.Another 145 hp,on the other hand…

Depends on mech. If you have a high hp combo like a Zarkares and rolling beasts then use resistance and one plate . Or if you have a quick over heat or quick drain use resistance . If it is a max damage mech like shotgun night fall night eagle use two hp to try to outlast opponent. Every mech will mandate its own module set. Never settle , always change and find the best combo for your particular machine.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys :slight_smile:

yes i do use iron platings

If you’re a dual anni/mercy build with physical, use a no energy drone, an Avenger, and do 2-3 heat engines and 3-4 iron platings for maximum effectiveness. Imagine all that health with myth plates…