Mods I have a challenge for you

So I noticed in sensitive topics they. Get immediately closed even we see mods post after weeks so can you guys just post anything below in the limit of 2 hours let’s see how guys actually are

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Anything below.


*in the limit of 2 hours let’s see how guys actually are

Don’t forget the rest of the sentence XD

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I suppose I could have done that too.


What about the mods with different timezones than you ?
Ya know, when they are actually sleeping ?

I mean, I moderate a “small” discord server with a few other people, and our “prsence hours” in the server complement each others… While I’m away, a russian is ON and things like that
But it is the same case with TS’s mod team ?

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Like @YGGM said, sometimes Im asleep or at school, simply different time zones. Considering Im the only active mod ( for now) , I log in every few hours I would say, except when I really cant. So no wonder sometimes its slower or faster to get an answer. I really try to do the job as soon as I can :slight_smile:


You should give anyone 24 hours to respond next time. Due to e example YGGM said

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Elcent is always watching :eyes:

And as she lives at my country,I know what she’s doing sometimes.

Nice so dark and you got pass :smiley:

While you took 10+ hours to answer :slight_smile:


I am not a Mod :stuck_out_tongue:

You are a human being, just like me :slight_smile:


ur a floating crown that speaks


Unless you are hired (and even in that case, you still have IRL things to do), you doN’T have to put your moderator status before other things like studies or work and other things…

Being a moderator surely needs you to sacrifice some time to it (more or less depending on for who you’re moderating, and if you’re volunterring or working), but not to point to point of turning into a braindead zombie staying up 26/24 (and even if you did, you wouldn’t be a good moderator for multiple reasons)

Mods are not at your service, deal with it

This thread was just for fun…

Yes :+1:

actually no I am an alien

Marija who made you mod

Or you went back to past made old marija mod then came back from future back to past to live as a mod…

OMG you cracked my secret :scream::scream:
Kidding xD
I was approached by Elcent who asked me if Im interested in being one so I agreed and started my training. Josh ( Malicewolf) made me full mod after that.
And yep, I gotta agree with YGGM again :slight_smile: Just to make it clear, Im volunteering, not getting paid lol


Whenever I’m not right, I’m neither wrong

You can’t disagree with me

Don’t mind this post, I’m just becoming sleepy again