Modernizing my art



I am doing a design of a cough to give me ideas to implement in this drawing while more ideas better
Your cooperation is appreciated.
ATT: bahamut-sploner


What are you trying to draw? So far, that looks cool. Need Idea of what you are drawing. I don’t understand you posted “cough.” That something happens when sick.


hablas español??
estoy haciendo un torso para SuperMechs es una idea para que implementen si les da la gana a los desarolladores el torso se llama “THE DRAGON”


Oh cool. Well, it be cool if it had claw weapons attachments. I would also recommend a tail weapon and stomping dragon legs. Now as for heating, it really not an extra attachment yet it be put on in weapons like a special feature that give the dragon to over heat. The over heating not that high, yet distant be a range of 2 -4. I say no top weapons. It looks cool that way. Put a neck that looks like dragon shells. The eyes be green or blue. That my idea.