Moblie SuperMechs bug?

Game started normally, but it froze/stopped on the “Welcome back, (your name)” it’s just blank with the backround and the bottom UI

omg stfu, this guys have some problems and you off topic and mock him.
for help you harlagan, try uninstall and reinstall the game.
@Elcent @Sarah247 @Mohadib

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Jeez, are people this year so sensitive?

And to be NOT such a jerk, here’s some plausible solutions.

  • Re-install the game
  • If it’s on pc, clear cache and open supermechs website again

I really have no idea why this happens, it’s possible that game didn’t start to load the game itself.

No, the problem is you haven’t updated the Android webview, you need to go to play store and update it and it should work, I used to get that error each time a new update comes out

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