Mobile to PC login

My Super Mechs account is on mobile, and id like to play it on my computer. When i put the login to my mobile account into my computer, it says Wrong username / password. Is there a way i can login to PC or is it on one device only?

If you are signed up with a Super Mechs account you can log in across all platforms.
I suggest going to your settings —> accounts and sign up for an SM accounts if you don’t have one already.
Once you have the credentials you should be able to sign in anywhere.

I cant use my own username and my email address can’t be used,probably because i’ve had other older accounts.can you help me there? @Sarah247

If you have a Super Mechs account already on your Mobile. You can use the exact log in for the PC. You just need to have SM account on mobile.
Do not use your Google acount.

Alright,thanks. :ok_hand: