Mobile Payments Issues


Buying Tokens via Mobile.

PS- I have no Credit Card.

I am just confused you know, I cant really buy red tokens via Mobile Payments. When I put the verification code to buy red tokens it said that repeat for transactions or unavailable. Its really pisses me off tho I am wasting my money and my load always expire. I tell it to the Admin in Mars 2 but till now no response. Please fix this please as soon as possible so no players get mad :wink:

Good Luck Everybody!


If you have any issues like bugs etc, simply tag @Alexander Within matter of mins he will come rushing here.


Fastest he ever replyed to me on skype was when my mobile payments weren’t working :stuck_out_tongue:

The way mine got fixed was that I had to go and fix my Fortumo payment information.


Sorry, bit sick right now so can’t do the whole “mins” thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently a provider cancelled their contract with Fortumo, disabling any payments using it.

Could you tell me which you’re using? I’ll check if it happens to be that one.

Are the payments still being substracted from your statement? If so please tell me your login username, cellnumber (feel free to PM me for this or skype me) and also contact (while we can check if they gave us the payment or not, sadly we can not do any debugging for the stage before that :frowning: They usually help pretty well with that though!).


Get well Soon then.


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