Mixed Chassis or Single Chassis


Many people tell to choose a chassis but I have seen some alliances go with a mixed chassis.Which one is better?mixed or single?


if you aim to do any attacks with your alliancemates, combined forces, it is best to go single chassis. if you’re messing around or just watching, mixed chassis works perfectly for that


I have seen some alliances use a mixed chassis.why?


inexperience, possibly. did they win?


i was in an alliance with mixed chassis and we got rank 2.and LAN had a mixed chassis


ohhh. you’re talking about the factions event. that was a special event with lots of random players that were randomly put together. some people already had armies. while others just weren’t playing as a team and went their own way. so, it was expected that an alliance that has over 100 members in it be mixed chassis.


i was in an alliance in BG with mixed chassis.we got rank 2 in that.we also defeated another alliance.


BG isn’t a standard of Battle Dawn. it’s a lot easier and you don’t really have to know how to play to be able to win there.


G3 is currently active and DD has both infantry and tanks


they might have picked up a player that had a different chassis army before he joined? or they might not know what they’re doing.


ok,thank you for answering


would you like me to explain to you the benefit of having a single chassis instead of mixing chassis?


i know it - from old forum


There is no single way to go about playing the game :slight_smile: There are strategies that accommodate many different play styles.

The reason you stick with a single chassis normally is so when coordinating with teammates, you minimize your losses (also why people tell you to build concussive armor only). If you have an enemy with tanks splitting between 10 anti inf, 10 anti veh and 10 anti tank and you send 10 infantry, 10 vehicle and 10 tanks to fight it, you are maximizing your losses because each anti chassis type is dealing full damage.

Concussive will always hit infantry first
Beam will always hit vehicles first
Explosive will always hit tank first.

Concussive does 100% dmg to infantry. 50% to vehicle. 25% to tank.
Beam does 100% dmg to vehicle. 50% to tank. 25% to inf.
Explosive does 100% dmg to tank. 50% to inf. 25% to veh.

If you ONLY have vehicle units attacking however, then the beam will do 100% dmg, the explosive 25% and the concussive 50%. Meaning, overall you minimized damages.

Now, of course, there are downsides as well. As you continue fighting through the era, other teams will notice what you are making and make anti chassis accordingly. So if you were infantry, potential enemies will likely make concussive infantry squads to fight you. And say you’re fighting an enemy with vehicles, so your armies are mainly beam. Now when the other enemy comes to hit you, you are at the absolute worst situation. You have infantry with a focus on beam (25% dmg to inf) and they are infantry with a focus against infantry (100% dmg). In this situation, having someone with a different chassis could be your saving grace. Especially if it’s concussive focused tanks.

If you are looking to hit from different fronts on an enemy (if say, you have 3 members on a different side of map and you are sandwiching your enemy) then having 2 different chassis types can be advantageous as they will need to build anti for both. However, this of course means they don’t have to build as much for either at the same time. It’s a common tactic for teams to use subs that build at their weakest point to cover. For instance, a main alliance goes tanks. They’ll assign their sub to go vehicles so that if a team focus’s heavily on explosive, their sub can counter.


Single chasis is always the better option , but sometimes when alliances are overwhelmed with enemies but have the activity to fight off all of them , they tend to go with mix chasis. idk if u were 3-4 eras ago on E1 , there was this alliance NN , they are fighting like 6 alliances out of top 10 and they went mix chasis and did pretty well , and it was not like their enemies were noobs or non booster or inactives , pretty good players like Hellboy (Ragg) , Simmens , Rob , Anthrax , Karl , PSI , Leboink , FNF , also i remember another era from 2014 when FILA won on E1 , they were also mix at some point and still managed to beat E1 coalition(PHI, PoZ , IND etc etc) to win E1. idk if u saw these both eras , but both these eras teams did pretty well with Mix chasis.

But dont try it , unless u have a lot of good solo players in your team. otherwise u will die a bad death.


i always wanted to try a team build for the bonus beam infantry only, explosive vehicles only, concussive tanks only and the whole team build that way with the armor being same for each chassis wpn, beam inf. armor, explosive veh. armor, concussive tank armor. the theory is you would be able to fight different teams at once and most definetly have to keep the chassis sepperated. you would really have to keep a close eye on teammates to make sure they are building correctly or else EPIC FAIL

I have had many discussions about this with many decent players who all agreed it would be worth trying but none of us have ever dared to attempt it. (that I know of)

so you team has 3 different armys… all built for the bonus damage. it is kind of unfair that tanks get no bonus and infantry get no penalty but concussive tanks goingafter infantry wont recieve a penalty so you still would want concussive tanks

at any rate you would have to have a really good team to pull it off and understand BD pretty well for it to work or else it would be really ugly disaster for novice’s to try it. i doubt anyone would actually try it anyways, it goes against everything we have learned in BD.


I had an era where we did this, it worked for killing smaller teams, but when we got into a fight with the rank 1 at the time (we were rank 2) we could not win a large fight and got steam rolled. Granted the team wasnt fablous and the rank 1 was very good.


Maybe a regular army of single chassis just for defending your colonies end game