Mix box not going into inv when no space

if my inventory is full and i get a mix box from campaign or even arena it doesnt stay in unclaimed boxes all other boxes do but not mix boxes this has been happening for a while, so is there any fix or is this a real bug.

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It’s an old bug.
When you buy boxes and lack space,they are all kept in the “Unclaimed” section.
When you earn boxes through arena or campaign,the first box gets somehow deleted and the counter in the “Unclaimed” starts with the second one.

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yh ive just experienced that rn i got a mix which didnt stay then a fortune and another mix which stayed

Apparently not deleted but put into your inventory…

Don’t know if that’s right because it happened with my league reward today but idc because I just don’t.

for me its only mix boxes never league or 5-10 lvl up boxes yesterday my lvl 90 reward went into inv but as the same time as lvl up i got a a mix box which didnt go into inv but lvl up box did

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It’s true, once at your limit of holdable items. The first box is generally opened and put into your inventory. Hence why you’ll sometimes see something like 176/170 or 202/200. Also Fortune Boxes, Clan Boxes, Arena Boxes or “We’re sorry” Boxes are excluded from being opened and distributed. So they’ll go to unclaimed right away if you’re full.

But that bug doesn’t usually affect you badly. I recall hearing of reports in kong chat (from Brando and another I believe) who’ve said every box they got from item portals like the one we had after the 2v2 update, never saved in unclaimed nor did they see anything change with their max inventory.

I dunno if that’s been reported. But @Sarah247 this is something you might wanna talk to the devs about fixing.


No,that only happens with League Rewards.


ok i understand now (20 characters)

Exactly the same thing happens to me. But I haven´t given it importance until now.

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