Mithical Flame new clan


Клан новый для игроков от средних до топа ! Требование:(минимум) 13-ранг арены, 50 уровень, 1 мифическая вещь (торс,ноги,оружие) !!! :slight_smile:


The clan is new for players from medium to top! Demand: (minimum) 13-rank arena, level 50, 1 mythical thing (torso, legs, weapons) !!!


did you accidently spell ‘mythical’ wrong in the title or is the clan name “Mithical flame”


Actually,that’s something.
The title is very important.

It the clan’s name is boring or misspelled,I don’t think many would look at it.
For example,do you think BTB would have been filled out from the first 24 hours if the banner was ugly/name not interesting or misspelled?
At the beggining,it’s just another clan,like any other.All give rewards after all (and many other things,clans are amazing),so it’d just be any other clan…




Ok…you are right…btw have you started working on the unfinished design of the weapon?


Starting tomorrow.
Today I finished that Infernal Zarkares then took some time for myself and my gf (as I kinda left her out of my stuff these last couple days).
I’ll start in the morning and most probably have it finished by tonight.


how many people are in it


I’m Russian and the clan is new so there may be mistakes