Mistake in Clan Wars results!

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I don’t know who to contact but I am hoping someone knows here. I was on and recieved my win box when the recent Clan Wars ended. :slight_smile: Today though I went in my acc and just checked the stats to share with a friend because we trounced them so bad, I was very proud of our guys. When I went to write down the exact numbers the match was MESSED UP. It somehow showed a really wrong set of numbers and that we lost. :frowning:
Round 1 we won 92 to 63 We got the star.
Round 2 we won 94 to 58 We got the win box.

Now somehow your results show an unreal result and that we lost.
Round 1 52.6 to 62
Round 2 94.6 to 105.4
I have never seen over 100 % before ever. WTF is going on with this???

My guys worked like feinds to beat these guys and this sucks for our stats if this stays the way it shows now. Can you please check the results and fix it Devs? Have a great day everyone. :slight_smile:

Clan war stats have been messed up since clan war was created, they’re unreliable.

If you got the Right Box, then you won. Stats are never accurate like @jhjln87 replied.

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I guess they stopped fixing problem stuff when people stopped complaining about the troubles. That sucks! :frowning:

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Hey thanks for reporting. It is just a visual error.
I will send this over to the team.

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Thanks Sarah it was just a bit of a pride deflator because we have done so good throughout the Clan Wars this far. I know there is no score board showing Clan Wars Stats, but if you could fix this messed up results that would ba great. That way if you do start having a “Clan Wars Leader Board” showing clan placement like (RAID and Clan Rank) we will be in our correct spot. Oh!! That is also a great idea for the SM Devs to work on and maybe make available. :slight_smile:
You could even be the one to start the ball rolling for a new “Clan Wars Leader Board”. Thank you for gatting back to me so soon and I hope you have a great day.

More like a score Board of How Many wins and How many losses.