Missions of pieces

Good, I bring you another new idea for this game, it will be very useful for people who need to get strong weapons, weapons needed, weapons transformable, because this is my idea, it consists of a mission that can be qualified as Normal, Medium and Insane, at the end of the mission you can pick up a surprise box that will leave 5 cards, which you can only choose 2 cards in each game, in those cards you can leave a piece of some weapon, each weapon will have a number of pieces (not high) to get it, then I leave the amount of pieces that are in each level of transformation:

Rare: it consists of 3 pieces

Epic: consists of 4 pieces

Legendary: consists of 6 pieces

How to get the pieces according to the difficulty of the mission:

Normal = 90% rare
10% epic

Medium = 65% rare
44% epic
1% Legendary

Insane = 20% rare
60% epic
20% legendary

Each difficulty give the following awards

Normal = $ 4600 + 1200 reputation

Medium = 7200 $ + 3600 reputation

Insane = 11000 $ + 7000 reputation

Each difficulty will be more difficult even in killing the robots

In the mission will have 2 tanks, 1 buggy, 3 robots and 1 boss, only 2 aid packages

I hope you like my idea


I like the idea of “pieces”, make them replace kits as actual bonus cards


@Sarah247 this is pretty cool you should check this out


i like the idea except for the % of legendary in medium, i think it should be like 5% cause 1 in a 99 chance is pretty low which can end in never seeing a legendary and for insane i think it shoudl be 25% legendary chance or no rare chance and maybe 70% epic to 30% legendary
and what is reputation used for?

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Looks terrific! Maybe 3 aid packages though?


Legendary Piece Bonus Card2018_05_01_113331



But really, what will happen to usual drops? If i get a yellow from box i want it to be a good item, but in this case i get just a piece?

On the other hand If it is to be balanced and tweaked(drop %) then old system of acquiring items wont be needed.


I think $ stands for Gold Coins and reputation for XP ^^

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You get a piece IN ADDITION TO your yellow card

Yeah, i agree! Pieces would make this game a lot more interesting

Yeah,like some special tier of weapons made by pieces and made of pieces,not unobtanium like other items.
Like a f2p,farmable piece set equivalent to L-M tiers.

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I was thinking L-Ms should be purchasable for x amount of Legendary Pieces, and the shop would reset when box price used to

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Actually,as you go up in rank,L’M-s aren’t that big of a problem anymore.
You can even do without them and I wouldn’t encourage more attention to L-M’s as they already receive enough.
I’m talking about an equivalent as in a different tier,maybe.

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@Sarah247 watch this :smiley:

i like this idea

but those rates are pretty high for epics and legendaries, especially for insane mode. ts won’t agree to those at all

I think that we could get that Bonus Card replacing the old Campaign Kits. We can trade a certain amount of “Pieces / Relics” to a Special Campaign NPC… It can bring us a really enjoyable Rpg Style to Campaign, and motivate to spend tokens to Refill Energy when has been finished the campaign or whom has gotten Lvl 150 by now. :wink: @Sarah247

1 - 3 Relics / Pieces = Normal Mission.
5 - 8 Relics / Pieces = Hard Mission.
10 - 12 Relics / Pieces = Insane Mission.

From the Special Campaign Shop we can get:

1 Epic Item = 50 Relic / Piece.
1 Legendary Item = 200 Relic / Piece.
1 Ancient Upgrade Kit = 200 Relic / Piece. NOTE: This Upgrade Kit can give us 50.000 or 100.000 Power. (I’m not sure about this amount)

And certain special Ancient Perks or Color Kits:

Pumpkin, Unicorn, Giant, Ant, Christmas Hat … Perks (The price will vary according to the preference of SM staff) = From 100 to 200 Relic / Piece.

Special Colors just like: Gold Shiny, Red Crimson, Purple… Who wouldn’t love to see a Zarkares Gold Shiny? :star_struck: (The price will vary according to the preference of SM staff) = From 100 to 200 Relic / Piece.

This shop could be an extraordinary replacement to Legacy Item Shop that everyone loved. :sob:

Thx for that idea :smiley: @XDiego

See my version: @HunterKnight @PyroBlitz @Soylent @Well @WelcomeToTheJungle @Kn0Tn0YT @L4K3



i kinda dont like that the drop rates of this “relics/pieces”… i think they’re too low… like sure going through the insane mission around 20 times will give you enough for a legendary item, but i think that’s too much farming done… specially for not so strong f2p players who may not be able to farm insane mode at all

and also i think that maybe all colors should be able to be purchased with this new type of currency so people dont have to waste tokens on maybe less wanted colors while the rare colors cost no tokens at all


Well, I think this rates are good to those who hasn’t finish his 2nd mech… Will motivate to get a Good Primary Mech in 1v1 Campaign to farm Insane mode missions and to get better items for his 2nd Mech, and Finish 2v2 Campaing.

Note: Insane Mode in 2v2 really will be a problems to new players or everyone f2p players… Would require so much farm and will get bored… We need more accesable options, and that could generate decent money amount to Staff and fun to players :smiley:

maybe balance in the new updates would make players happy
energy is still way too op
even with the new weapon for heat

i bet the EMP is gonna be even more stronger than heat bomb! like for reals most builds: energy beats heat, and phy beats heat
it’s kinda unfair