Mission completed - reconnects and disconnects

I finished bigboy and picked up all the reward boxes but after the "Mission Completed " message appears, it disconnects and attempts to reconnect.

It keeps repeating this. I am stuck. Help.

Dont click to resync your google account. Click in the background. Then you should only have to go through the loop 3 or 4 times.

It seems to be happening to all the maps.
I got 1 that didn’t reconnect but I didn’t get to open any boxes so the NEW FIX UPDATE needs to be FIXED lmao

They just made it so playing campain isn’t even worth it at all anymore…
At least getting fusible garbage helps maybe force them all to go to unclaimed so we can open them when we choose and not only when we get locked out of inventory.

With every NEW change here it’s only getting worse instead of better.

Sure some constant randomly scheduled Unicorny type maps would be good to make up for this new mess we’ve been given but it seems I’m being nudged closer to the exit door every update.

I guess you got tripple rewards. 30K gold coins and 7K exp in normal mission. Am i right?

sometimes that problem won’t give any, not at least one item box :confused: weird huh?

No item boxes since the latest update… weird… :confused:

No, not at all. I just ended up with the regular loot.

However, i have enjoyed the bias against retarded heat mechs. I have been steam rolling higher heat mechs with my energy mech and laughing to the bank.