Mission Accomplished!

Hi Guys,
Sooo, only recently I posted my stats for BB box drops. It is time to update them. So here they are:

Yep, as you can see, I just landed a legendary. And it is quite a nice one:
Final conclusions:
I landed a legendary only BECAUSE THIS MORNING I SWITCHED TO THE NORMAL MODE! So right now the odds are:

  1. In 330 runs on Hard mode I never landed a single legendary.
  2. It took me the whole energy tank (105 energy) to waste on Normal, with no effect. The successful run was the first after replenishing 10 energy points. Anyways, something good is happening, and this is thanks to Tacticsoft. Way to go, TS, way to go!

A weapon named after me ? thats really amazing

yep i can conclude to that too, on Normal you get legendaries.
On Insane, and Hard… until now none.
250 runs on Insane… i might be going insane after doing this… no legendary… but the last 50 runs in Insane mode landed me 17 epics tho…more then the 200 befor.
It might be something there.

they did say they would change the percentage of epics with testing. 17/50 is much better that previously.

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17/100… if you refer to items. 50 runs=100 items. Maybe we should make a general rule, to refer at chances per item not box, because boxes can have 2,3,4 items(some have bonus item).

I also got a good legendary yesterday, but in the box of daily visit. A Mighty Cannon.

It complicates me a bit the range of this weapon, but it is good for my 2nd mech.


Wep, so how did the problem with hacking you account end? Did you recover it? Also, can you post me the image of the Mighty cannon? with the stats? PLS.

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It’s a long story with a happy ending. But there are very bad people in this game. And other good people, thanks to them is that I have my acc again.

I could publish, but I haven´t yet put anything of fusion.

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No problem, I just want to have a look what it is like…

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is the “orb” in old version…

Ah, yes… Sooo damn heavy. Like 72 kg right?

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Noooo… 59 kg. and very much damage…

The problem is that it has a long range (4-8). So if you combine it with physical weapons that don´t consume energy, they have a range of 1-2. So you have a dark space in range 3, understand? Mighty Cannon can only get you up to 3 …

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