Mission 3 normal phase 1: farmeo of item

I know that many harvest ramboy but things are like this:
BG: gold and experience
RB: items for fusion and more fall of fortune box
mission 3 normal: high fall of items for fusion fall of fortune box almost null

I just wanted to say this for those who need a lot of fusion item, only with two full recharges used only in the normal 3 mission of phase 1 plus or minus 50 mix boxes

good luck and bye

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by BG did you mean BB?

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You mean mission 3 of Dry Lands?

what I do is

Mission 7 in The Overlords Den for EXP & Money

Mission 6 in The Dry Lands for Boxes

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yeah I think that’s what @Ronald_Fabrizio_Hurt means

XD if I’m wrong in the contraction

the mission 3 of dry lands gives quite a mix box but until now ° 50 boxes dropped in 2 loads of 57 of energy ° I have not fallen any fortune box so it only serves for full farm of item

I got 7+ fortune boxes and from those I got 2 legendaries

consegui estos 2 en fortune box respectivamente

From fortune boxes…

maximum protection eh? good to me it does not help me much but for several people sure yes and it is a viable option if you do not have legendary life plates but good to continue farming ~ I got many items to level up my weapons but the bad thing is that after getting 70 boxes I need a lot of gold XD

all that occured in mission 3 (give me a legendary triple protection module?) xD :'v

I never said that mission 3 gave good items
what it does is give you an exaggerated amount of mix box so you can max your item

I’m pretty sure devs will fix it now.

that’s not the only legendries that I’ve been getting from RB…I got many more from RB but used them for transforming and stuff…

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then use mission 3 to maxear then follow ramboy to have item fuses of evolution and finally bigboy for gold that costs

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