Missing unclaimed box

Anyone observing unclaimed boxes disappearing?

My league reward became unclaimed due to full inventoy but was gone when I checked. I recently lost a mission reward which was supposed to have been sent to unclaimed.

Help? I already sent a ticket for my league box lost.

Does this happen every time you have full inventory or just once in a while? Can we have your user ID number?


It also happened to me during the portal , i was on ful inventory , i claimed a fewish boxes , but when i went to open them , nowhere to be seen :confused:

Jesus christ how many bugs do we have.

Just stop.

Ok. 16243579.

It happens every once in a while when inventory is full.

Hey, I thought I seeing things when the box went to the unclaimed tab.

I thought that I had no item drops… :sweat_smile:

Tenks for ID now I cenz heckz u now :3

JK lol

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No. i post ID for free tokens. Yes, please send me tokens tru my ID number. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Sarah,it also happens to the MIX boxes gained from the campaign when you have a full inventory.They simply disappear.

Please check it and do your best fixing this issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Sarah247 This happens to me all the time. I’ve reported it here more than once. Sometimes the box says its going to storage but items “magically” appear in inventory without going through the box opening graphics. Other times I get no box and no items. It has happened to me both in portals and in campaign, though more commonly in portals. It happened to me at least 6 times in this portal. Twice items appeared in inventory. 4 times I got nothing.