Missing Modules Box


I do not think it’s part of the upgrade. It seems a forgetfulness.


YES, please return the Modules BOX to the SHOP/Item Boxes. Being forced to get modules through Mixed boxes is a waste of time and SM especially when trying to get a specific module.
Having to blow 10,000,000 (yes 10 Million) SM just trying to get 1 specific Legendary module is crazy.


Yeah we need that modules chest, i spend 4millions to get a bullet module and i didnt get it ( i wanted one with 40 bullets and 32kg, and only get 45 bullets and 36kg, close but not what i need)


“i wanted one with 40 bullets and 32kg”

hehe I got 6 of those.

Trade you for 1 of these
Mega Rocket Storage III (55kg - 80 Rockets)
Mega Bullet Storage III (55kg - 80 Bullets)
Combiner Storage Mark IV (95kg - 70 Bullets - 70 Rockets)


sadly, i have 2 of each jijji lets trade, i give you the combiner mark IV, is to heavy and i dont need it :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting us know.
After investigating this seems to be a bug and the developers are fixing it.
I hope they will be back in the next release if not sooner.


Well I had a theory about that …

see my post:
Campaign Grinding SM Spending Guide (maximized for fusion)

My theory was as follows:

The Modules Boxes were giving essentially 2 things bonus.

  1. a good power/SM spent output for fusion (semi-OP in contrast to the other boxes)
  2. due to them costing only 20000 SM you could spam buy them so you could change two important factors:
    a) Each box you purchase increases a counter that makes a bonus Power kit more probable to be included in the box (semi-OP)
    b) Each box you purchase increases a counter that makes A MYTHICAL ITEM included in the next box 100% probable after many purchases (but obviously not that many so that was SUPER-OP if you count purchases you made :wink: )

Also there was a technical difficulty with the modules (due to spam buying) in your workshop display and inventory. If you had more than 500 items a message box “Please Wait” was shown and items were loading in the background.

I guess that this was heavy on resources both on system memory and data bandwidth for fetching the list.
You have to take into account that the same game can be played on both Computers and Smart Phones and
probably the insane number of items on the modules category made the game sloppy or non-working
on some systems… (probably the game freezes many people complain about)