Mismatching rewards


I’ve noticed that the level reward listed is never the same as the actual reward. At first I thought maybe the listed was an approximate reward and that the actual reward was randomised… But its not, you get the same reward every run.

I also looked in the arena shop to see if I picked up a reward modifying thingy or something that could help unravel this mystery, but alas, no.

Anyone know why this happens?

Same level.


This has been an issue for a long time.
It’s not a game-changing priblem,so don’t let it bother you.


Hello everyone,

As L4K3 said, it is a known issue.
However it should be taken care of in one of the two coming updates.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks SilverBox


I shall try my best.


@SilverBox we need 5premium packs for 1000T


Dont bother the poor man with a demand that has been in numerous threads numerous times, he’s been up to his neck with game issues and problems lately.


SilverBox has a life too


i didn’t mention your name :wink:


Who cares?It’s a public forum and anyone can join the conversation whenever they want :wink:


I totally care. I find it like, totally invasive of my basic rights as a forumite to have people posting non topic related stuffz on my post when there is a clearly marked off topic section. Kthx.


@SilverBox can you please tell which update.


About off-topicness,I highly agree.But still,we can all barge in a discussion since this place is public.What I mean is that you can give an argument even if the discussion didn’t originally included you,not to get me wrong.


On the 1v1 Campaign last level on insane says it gives 20k for 15 Energy but actually only gives 11k which is worse than the last 2v2 level on normal mode which gives 14k for only 10 energy.


Thank God! Finally! This issue is getting fixed!


But I hope they have fixed the rewards up and not down :joy::joy:


I’m genuinely baffled. What it says I get and what I get are two different things, but what really blew my mind was, as shown in the second picture, I finished on one amount of gold then received approximately 200 extra in the rewards screen, how… What… Why?

I don’t get why you have gold boxes in the campaign if we’re going to always end on the same amount of gold.

You should either just take them out and use the shown rewards as a variable so at the end of level you have a little sub routine like,

If player wins = true then
Show rewards
Rewards = shown rewards
Players gold = players gold + rewards

The only reason I can see for the boxes being used is to give a random amount each time so it adds variety. Which is not happening currently.

Maybe do something like,

Box value = shown rewards / number of boxes + rnd(-100 to 100)