Mining Tokens Experiment


I rememer that.
I wanted to reply in that thread again some minutes later after playing in another tab in FF and suddenly got the info:
"You do not have permission to access that thread."
Or so.



Jk it’s horrible…like…if you have a low pc pls dont do it.


yep , you couldnt reply because the thread was already privated


Guys,this is really not okay.
Treating us like milking cows…
Do you realize that what this means is that they encourage us to deliberately produce more money for them?
I get it,you might need money to keep everything functional.
But there are other ways instead of adding a cryptocurrency miner.I CAN’T WITHSTAND THIS IDEA!
This is outrageous.
Making us FARM for YOU to fill up your pockets.
And what do you do with the money?
Give us little to no items,REMOVE ARENA MODES,NERF DROPS!
What do you think you’re doing?
Who do you think you are treating us like this?


@L4K3 Pls make a topic of that or you will get flaged…by someone.


You will delete it if you get flaged.

Oh and no problem friend.


i can under stand what you are trying to say i kind of thought that to


I showed it to Sarah in a pm, who was able to access it
Thats prob why it got pached


Friendly reminder that this is an experiment to see if the community would be interested in mining.

There is no one forcing you to take part and therefore there is no need to get mad or enraged over this. If its not for you then simply ignore it.

Please remember that when giving feedback to do so in a calm and collective manner. There is no need to be rude.


Thank you. I have no idea why everybody got so angry. If you dont like it, be quiet and dont do it…


but i cant spend any money in the game


There is nothing really wrong with it

However, what is the point?
It seems most get around 1 token per hour, I could get 2 in 30 seconds
Its not bad, buts its not good either
EDIT: 2 in 30 seconds by watching ads, of course


There is no spending money involved


there is not thought there was how do we start it


Click that token boi on the right of the screen.
Then click start


2 tokens in 30 secondes ?

You have some sort of futuristic desktop with overclock at 5000% or what ? O.o


No he means he cant get more tokens by watching ads then mining monero


You mean I CAN get more tokens by watching ads


Elcent, I’m curious how you feel toward that test…

What’s your feeling about it ?

(no sarcasm or irony involved, just saying so noone get me wrong ^^)


oh so i have to go an the actual website