Mining Tokens Experiment


Okay, let’s sum up what I read for now…

  • Players are finding themselves seen as Milkcows, not much, not less.
  • Some are reproching you to not focus on important things, that could efficiently, durably and with minimal uproar boost your income than this unclear miner thing.
  • I didn’t tested that feature, and I wouldn’t even for the ratios you told us and the ratios in fact I saw, because even that you’re asserting the contrary, I’m pretty sure it harms the device…and I don’t want my laptop to go to Hell just because some game devs proposed me to do hazardous things for them…

Huh…I’m sure I missed some important points, but I’ll add them ASAP if you tell me in a reply :smiley_cat:
And I want to say that I didn’t talked about ethical or legal aspects, because I’m not in the mood for philosophy, and I don’t know anything related to laws about cryptocurrency-mining…:smiley_cat:



Nope… you get your first oken at 1.000


then I leave it, my machine is dying and I need it for school


:poop: :rofl:


so we have to do it on the sm web site


Thanks @Mohadib @Sarah247 , i gor 2 blue screens and a black screen.

I need a fucking compensation.

Im posting this through my phone , thanks , you completely burnt my laptop :clap::clap:




Heheh i told you that my pc can handle that thing.


Congrats, you can sue them now


Yeh you should buy pc this time.Laptop is weak sometime’s.
Soz for you


Are you kidding me? It is hard to type without cursing. When is it going to stop ? I hope something happens and you all get fired . Putting kids to work mining for you. After all the other shit you have pulled and now this. What a bunch of crooks. Get bent Tacticsoft . Who is running that office over there? Business ethics and morals are obviously a foreign idea .


Im gettinf a newer one for my birthday , which is like in 6 months…


Oh nice.Wich procesor and graphics and how many memory?


Michael Rosen is CEO of tacticsoft


Let me check the site , im getting it of there…


Gon-grats for knowing that thing


They are run by an investment group but yeah thanks .


There are way more win-win methode to get money…WHY CAN’T INVESTORS AND DEVS SEE IT ONCE FOR ALL ? (no, I’m not mad or angry, just want to point out things…)


It is an attempt to use players to mine for them free of cost. Game tokens are not payment. They cost Tacticsoft NOTHING


Are you going to do it? You don’t have to…