Mining Tokens Experiment


all that to win tokens but after box premium = 1 epic will be useless

more power consumption plus win tokens

more paid and earn less

more work farmer, earn less item

cheat players are going to laugh, admins happy money


what does this mean i know that i am asking a lot of questions but you need to explain this better


you earn TS $1 and they give you $100 to $500 worth of tokens



23 so when this reaches 1.000 we get 100-500 tokens


This is starting to seem kind of insane (or more insane). If they are going to give $500 of tokens for $1 generated, wouldn’t they make more money by just making tokens significantly discounted and selling them straight?

Or has everyone else stopped buying tokens for this scam like me, and this is the only way left for them to generate revenue?


No, thats the amount you actually get.


or are you saying that when it reaches 1.000 you get 14 times 1-5

  • had maximal 0.52 Tokens/Hour


  • have now maximal 2.60 Tokens/Hour

You have increased by factor …


I get max. increasing by factor …




I will never get to 1 dollar, I know why it used to be 0.026 before and restart the page and I lost that … I would like you to explain to me if this accumulates or not
Postscript I am a minor


If you have to convince them that its good for them… its not really good for them but its good for you.


Brainstorming: Sales have droped.The milk cows are reluctant into giving milk. Some went missing. They arent falling for the regular scams. Hmm we must target the ones that dont have credit cards or cellpay… wonder who those are…
They are bloody kids. That turn their machines into farmers… freacking kids. How low is that?
Meanwhile… the true problems of the game persist.
TS i will borrow you one of my prominers for 1 month if you take this scam off.
It is worth 600-1000 equivelant kid farmers in terms of cryptocurency farming… but leave the kids alone man.


hey this is much easier than actually PRODUCING something…
and the next best thing besides repairing fountain pens…or polishing diamonds…:rofl:


My thoughts:


The same idea I had…


to me that did not raise anything, is more now going slower from 0.002 to 0.01


same here :slight_smile: Is this Firefox developer thing hard to understand, or you just have to install it?
Have you used Brave bowser before?


You are right. And what do they make them to mine? Privacy coin…


Monero… i think it is about to peak at the end of this month and they are throwing evrything at it, even the player base. I think XMR wants to be more of a killer of criptocoins, since they dont want to use centrelised mineing, and that can be a bump in the process.So XMR uses casual miners, or cells, based on users that mine. In anyway it will peak then drop like a rock, this will be fast tho.


please tell me that in 0.100 one charges something, my computer when it reaches 100 ° C it shuts down for security and it is raising that figure