Mining Tokens Experiment


Trust me, you didn’t miss anything.


like ive said many times
its slaughterhouse time
@L4K3 i found another necro criminal


But you helped…


how to participate ?


Not a cool idea, unless it is in campaign.


LIESSS (20 character limit)


nope, i havent seen any hint of it on yet, is it over or only chanced?


idek (20 character limit)


You mean you didn’t see a Token Mining window somewhere in SM’s official site ?


No. (20 character)


correct, and i have used the sm window for nearly a year now


Oh wow. And I never saw it!!


well what happened is i saw it for like a half a second then it disappeared, hmmm not seeing it again


Huh. Do you think they didn’t COMPLETELY remove it?


it never came up on my account


It was an experiment ony on SuperMechs’ official website, during 3 days at most befroe being brought down, and it was outside the game window…


I know that, but really. I never did. If it was 2017 to 2018 I was 100% online.


It was 28 March 2018 it started (date of the first post)

But I was talking to caleb


Huh. I didn’t see it then, before I had my forum account.


It was only on tho…

Al other sites didn’t get it ^^