Mining Tokens Experiment


Do it ! Mine away . Also come now my lawn for free , wash cars for free , do all my bosh whole chores for a cold glass of NOTHING … PLEASE


How do I know if I actually produce $ 1?


you didn’t produce a single dollar. simple as that. you only lose money and your computer wears down if you mine for anything but money.


Stop saying this like its fact (although it may be true)
I think he’s referring to how he knows if he produces $! worth of monero


He will never know, because tacticsoft will not give any data about.

But they did it that way, that you know at least how many tokens you can expect per hour.

But I have great question …

What / “who” exactly is using our PC calculation power :question:

And for what exactly :question:

I do not feel safe about :exclamation:

Under the line … seeing my CPU working between 95 - 100% all the time, it is sure not only worth ~ 2.5 tokens/hour, seeing my good new PC “burning” and thinking about the next coming power/electrycity bill :exclamation:

Give 15 Tokens an hour and we could start talking about to do it :exclamation:



i decided to test my mining power for the lulz. wtf?



I get 1 per hour
I dont waste my time trying, too much work
And fear for my weak laptop


Give me that PC / internet connection … you can send via Fedex or DHL :exclamation:


Should be like 100% or 500% more reward


That is not happening.
As the announcement stated this “idea” uses the devices of the players to do something that is not related to playing the game.
Creating crypto currency has nothing to do with any game.

Therefore TS cannot make it so that it starts “mining” by default as they are not allowed to forcefully use any player’s device’s ressources unless the player agrees to “lend” them those ressources.
That is the real reason why it is “voluntary”.


Read all before you write something :slight_smile:


You COULD know how many $ you produce by doing some advanced math (at least too advanced for me :smile_cat:), and only if you know the value of the Crypto you’re mining, the actual multiplier for the worth in tokens, the tokens/hour ratio, and all others values needed to keep only as unknown the ratio time/$…

But you have to know that “mining” Crypto money takes days at least (even/unless you have a “farm”, won’t enter the explanations here ^^)…
I mean you take at least days or weeks (more weeks or monthes at least for an “average” PC I think) to produce a unit of Crypto-currency (like a 1 cent coin for that currency) that worth like 150-200 $ (or more or less depending on the value at the time)…
And it depends on the mining device’s performances and on the Internet connection speed…

So it’s pretty hard to predicate how much you’ll mine without knowing all the specs, and there are already a lot of variables/unknown values…

I hope I helped you to understand and I didn’t talked about pretty much everything except the topic :smiley_cat:

P.S. You can find a post in this thread or in another where I explain how the ratio Tokens/hour is calculated…I’ll find it and quote it ^^
Edit: here it is, and read the Yeet’s reply just under it ^^


1 token = £0.01 currently. Get 100 tokens and you got £1 worth. which is about $1.40. :slight_smile:


but @Elcent i dont and cant spend money in sm sorry i cant give you guys money


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

What / “who” exactly is using our PC calculation power :question:

And for what exactly :question:

I do not feel safe about :exclamation:


I’m sorry. This will be my last Necropost. I want to join and even if some of us were auto enrolled, I can’t find the option…


Cuz it was experiment… half year ago…
Which ice do you like :question:


They have added somthing like it in, it is like a news and update thing


it’s not token mining, it’s just news


So no mining? Huh…