Mining Tokens Experiment


Yes! And they give us some tokens for it. But it’s ruining our computers and costing electricity bills


So then don’t do it that’s your message


Yeah, that’s my opinion. I am not doing it… but in the end, it’s your choice.


But it really does not matter then if I do it or don’t do it also so it’s like the fine print on a contract


this man earned 100 tokens for doing something that took him 5 minutes to do, at most (log in, put all structs to build, log in half hour later when structures finish building, and spam a relic) (thats the era in which i earned 3.5k tokens, so 100 was forgiveable to give)

while u earned 2 tokens in 2 hours, Mr.Uknown


I figured it out I got it


Please stop tagging me. I’m honestly going to get a migraine dealing with this bullshit.


If you do it:
You get tokens!!! Yay! But like 1 in a day depending on how good your computer is…
You ruin your computer!!! Boo!!

If you don’t do it:
No tokens!!! Boo!! But it’s only missing a few.
Your computer is safe!!! Yay!!!
You aren’t a slave!!! Yay!!


Sorry I just wanted to tell you so you don’t get mad :cry: please for give me


I pick this one i think it’s the best choice


No thanks, it’s useless .-.


Ok, let me re-word what you saied:

So it’s basicaly a bad idea since around noone would play on the main site 'cause they CAN’T, and it would cause a lot of ppl to simply quit the game once for all…meaning less playerbase, less fun, less income and more quitting, and pure death of SM after that chain-reaction…


It was sarcasm dude


On topic please. Race has nothing to do with this update.


Well I’m really courious how many mining do we really have to do to earn 1 USD worth of Monero, because it’s not shown. And we also cant see how many miners where in, and how many did they mine together.

But ofc they won’t give you this information, we are just dust in the system.

If they wilkling to give 500 tokens for 1 USD.
That is 100.000 Tokens for a full Monero. Tokens are free for them, we know that…
But they deffinetly have to earn good with this project, even it’s just a test for them.

But this rate 2.5 token / hour is a joke. That is 200 Hour work.
But in the other hand if 200 players earn them 1 dollar in a hour.
Than 2000 Players earn them 10 dollar / hour.
(if they have the rate of 2.5 Tokens)

This was a very bad idea. Won’t kill my PC for 2,5 Tokens.

Poor kids who run their PC for mining while in school, maybe when they get a chance to turn it on again…


No idea I mine 2.4/hour


I don’t see the mining icon?!


Turn off any adblockers if you have any on. Restart or refresh your browser, and you should see an icon next to the game (on

If not, then don’t bother because this ideas completely bullshit.


Can’t even tell if you’re joking or passively shrugging off obvious red flags here. If you weren’t joking, here is an in-depth look of counterpoints to consider:

The multiplier is only a marketing strategy, and the tradeoff for letting your computer overheat is not worth the token farming. If I made 50¢ on lemonade sales yesterday and $5.00 today, I could say I made 10x of what I made yesterday, or a +900% increase in sales, which sounds nice but it really isn’t much.

Mining while sleeping: ugh oh golly gee why would you do this. With 1-2 tokens per hour and probably 9 hours of sleep, 9-18 tokens for an actual fire hazard known as your now exhausted PC is being mindless. Talk about trading off something for nothing.

1 Token for TS is too low, and even if the multiplier was 100x or 500x, I would advise against mining unless you got some money and motherboards to burn (literally) or you have some nuclear cooling plant to help your PC.

Tokens are virtual currency, and of which the values could be changed on a whim. They are not worth anything once you give your real money to them, since you can’t trade tokens back to real money.



Cooling? Your components will just wear off very fast