Mining Tokens Experiment


Hey Mom, can I help a company make money, drive your electricity prices up and potentially kill my PC? Great, because I’m going to do it anyway!


i never mined yet today at all


Go ahead @Brennankawamura try it i already tried it and for about 2 Hours i earn 2 Tokens :frowning: so go ahead and try it


Were the tokens worth it? :thinking::thinking:


i dont know @Zealot i’m just trying it and see if i can earn a lot of Token but i can earn 2 token for 15 Seconds through ads and i’m mining for about 2 hours and i only get 2 token i think the speed of my Computer is not good but i have 4GB of RAM so yeah… i thing for me it’s not worth it.


I think I see it more useful as a mini notebook than as a miner of tokens image


Is it ok to do will it cost money ?


Yes, it costs money (in electric bills). Don’t do it.


Do you know what cryptocurrency is?


No I don’t :confused:


So don’t like never do it


Then it’s best if you don’t anyway


At a time like this, I’d suggest googling “Crypto Currency for Dummies”.

And read allllll of the entries.


Oh ok I thought it would help


Yah I will got it wait so that means I am a dummy


No, you won’t understand… You only JUST got an email this year…


Winz, you have patience for this. Handle it please. Because I blow my brains out.

being nice btw.


Wait so then the more tokens I get the more money I will have to pay in the future so now I get it so it’s a trick then to get tacticsoft to get more money like the in game tokens we can buy


Technically, we are “mining internet money” for Tacticsoft for them because it takes a lot of power. Since thousands of players are playing, they decided it was enough power to make money and so whenever we use OUR power to mine, they make money

I hope you understand this… dummied explanation :blush:


So we are like slaves mineing for internet gold then for the boss tacticsoft