Mining Tokens Experiment


i am not complaining about it


Can we just send you monero to your wallet ?

I will send 10$ worth monero for 1000$ to 5000$ in game

I feel like you know this is not the truth…

maybe it is idk for sure…post your wallet :slight_smile:


Because kids dont know what electric bills are and dont have to pay them. So even if they mine for a month and their parents have to pay a bunch, the kids wont know what is going on. The fact that most of their fanbase is kids is the reason this was a “good idea”. Taking advantage of prople that dont know better or just dont care.

You actually do. You mine cryptocurrency for them, which basically does give them money and harm your parents’ bank accounts in the process.


it does thats messed up so dont mine then


@KilliN , your arguments are invalid because we know about your contract with Tacticsoft. You are part of Tacticsoft, which explains pretty well why you are licking their boots every bad update they release.


You’re getting ingame currency while your parents are the ones paying for it (since u arent the one paying for your electricity bills). This is basically like stealing their credit card and buying tokens using it.


This isn’t valid though. The cpu use of my laptop does not tie into the electricity bill


The time spent charging or keeping your laptop charging off a wall connection to utilize your CPUs full potential does tie into it.

Either way, it’s not worth wasting battery power and computation power on.


Yes i am, together with my mom.
Bloody badly people here love to act like they know me.

I could show how wrong you are in those posts but i’m fine with you since you became one of those that, basically, do what you do.


If this provides some kind of economic benefit for Tacticsoft and if children participate on this, then isn’t legal. Child labor is prohibited in most countries and children cannot give any valid consent.


In all honestly shut your mouth.


so then they are tricking us


Ok you guys are taking this way too far
Wepwawet, you are usually very sensible and I very much agree with you on most things. However, calling this experiment child labor is idiotic
This is not labor, this is pressing a button, and going to sleep while the computer slowly mines tokens (While it is slow and useless, it isn’t evil)
And besides, it is optional, no one has to do it
": the employment of a child in a business or industry especially in violation of state or federal statutes prohibiting the employment of children under a specified age"
"the use of children in industry or business, especially when illegal or considered inhumane."
Dictionary definitions of child labor
Do not bring such a terrible subject as that into this, it is stupid


nice i make 2.5 token by hour wen you put super mech on sleep you get double ratio\


If only I had a desktop instead of this macbook lol
Although, laptops do have a strange appeal to me
I like moveable things


Thank you for your honesty Tacticsoft! We appreciate that you did not hide the fact that we would be mining for crypocurrency and that you did not just release it as “Mining Tokens”. Although some could say this wasn’t a thoughtful feature as we would have obviously noticed the change on our computers and that you hiding it would have been the same as lying to us.

I see that it can be seen as fair because this system works as this:

  1. We do things on the website.
  2. We get rewarded; we get more value of tokens for $1.
    (Like a job)

We can see that you are trying to make money at the same time as doing this like how we pay for tokens but we instead mine cryptocurrency and use the money we find to pay it.

This does seem fair and all but some people don’t want to ruin their computers…

Now as I am writing this, I see your point… I suddenly see no wrong in this… wtf…this is so weird.

The only proper reason people are annoyed at this is because it makes you seem extremely lazy and people say that you have scammed us over and over and now you want us to work for you essentially. Some say this is morally incorrect. But you did say that it is optional… so that is fine.

You should at least add a permanent message on the Miner about how it is minng cryptocurrency for all the people who don’t use the forums or are old/young people who don’t understand what it is doing with your computer.

I have accidentally persuaded myself that there is nothing wrong with this.


You’re forgetting that they’re making money off of us.

Monero goes for 196$ a unit, they’re only giving you 10-50$ worth of tokens for each unit. It’s already not worth doing, especially considering it’s not their systems being abused to farm. So they’re not liable for damages. That’s why it’s an OPT in if you wish to feature.

This company does nothing but shove shit in our faces and feed us bullshit reasons to like it.

That’s why I urge anyone wanting to try this, to do your research into crypto currency and Do Not Allow this company to use you.


Either way I was never going to click on it


Kaens just calling it how he sees it, no need to get shitty and personal with him damn


I think this is a great update: I like to pay higher electric bills while potentially destroying my device.

Maybe in the next update, they will ask everyone to pay 20 USD in order to access their accounts. I would love to see that.