Mining Tokens Experiment


It’s acceptably acceptable…;p

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Your electricity bill will say otherwise. About this being free shit. With mining of cryptocurrency, depending on your graphics card and on the currency you are mining, it can pay itself off. But if you are mining and not getting any money in return, the only parties winning are the electric company and Tacticsoft, since TS earns money from you mining, and you or your parents (whoever pays electric bills) have to pay more for electricity and you just get some currency in a game. It depends on your electricity company, but in most cases it would be cheaper to just buy the tokens. But either way TS gets money (either as crypto or as actual purchases)


This “new idea” is basically TS getting more money from players (in the form of crypto) without the players seeing the purchases directly. And the amount of ppl using this miner increases their profit by a lot.


I wait for it to auto start when opening sm site


this is good?


No, it is very low :exclamation:

Mine is average I think …

Free Tokens 1


:weary::weary::weary:sad xD :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


Why not just watch like, 5 ads a day for 25 tokens? Tacticsoft get their pockets lined (even more lol) and players actually have a chance to make tokens every day instead of using crypto currency???

Your player base consists mostly of kids, why this was thought a good idea is beyond me


is it for how long you play


last time i checked this was supermechs, not supermine


lol :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Supermechs = $$$ for tacticsoft


i guess so thats how they make money also with battle dawn to :smiley:


Yes but this is making money with little to no player reward, not to mention is sketchy af


well i dont give them money


And as a free to play player would you prefer mining a cryptocurrency for them to get 1 token or something an hour depending on your PC or would you rather watch 5 30 second ads and get 5 tokens per ad you watch? There’s a reason why so many free games use that strategy - because it works


do the mineing because i cant do the ads i think its good but they should put it in the game home page


or i think i would do the ads to


How is this fair at all? … some kid could have a Ultra OP PC, (32 GB’s of RAM / Intel core i7, etc) and than another user could be using an old dell PC with 2GB’s of ram… the person with the Faster PC will farm tokens more quicker than the person with the slower PC… which is highly unfair considering most standard players use their laptop or PC which dosnt have 1500$ put into it. (correct me if i’m wrong) :no_mouth: … but regardless … worst idea ever.


This is a great feature, I see no reason for complaining and i’m happy to help somehow, since ads are blocked on my computer and without any adblockers i’m still can’t see any ads, even if i wanted to.

Now a list of basic answers for bad arguments:

-"It’s making us to mine for you"
I see now problem in mining for someone else when IT’S PAYING X50 THE WORTH TO ME.

-"I can get more from Ads"
Ads are limited and you can’t watch adds while sleeping, but you can mine while sleeping. :slight_smile:

-"Tokens cost nothing for TacticSoft"
But worth some real money for us so this is not a valid argument.

-"Blah Blah damage computer Blah Blah"
This don’t even makes sense.

-"1 Token is too low"
Keep in mind you’re getting just like 0,01 dollars for TS per hour so this is another invalid argument.

Free tokens.