Mining Tokens Experiment


My max


It’s out-tornament…

And btw:
Ads are portable only…
And if I’m right, that test is for the main website only…
What about FB/Kongregate/other website hosting the game ?
I feel like we’re forgotten…^^


The mining isnt on kongregate because its an experiemnt right now, and a contreversial one at that, so they are isolating it to one group


Everytime I turn off the mining, the cooling fans turn off.

It actually sounds like a sigh of relief lol


My Feedback:

What does this really add to the players game? Is there really any point going down this route? I get that the average player might like more tokens but not sure a crypto currency is the correct direction although I know very little about them and this might be a brilliant method. I do know a site i once signed up for made me wait 5 min and used my browser as a way to mine which then paid for hosting me on the site.

For this to be attractive as a player you’d need to get 5+ tokens an hour minimum.

tbh for myself the noise and slowed down laptop is not worth any payout but then I haven’t even completed 50% of the campaign…


@Sarah i did not even get the 1 token that i should of gotten i clicked claim mined tokens and it said 1 mined token i hit claim and my tokens stayed the same.


refresh maybe ?

it usually solves that kind of problem…^^


I already did it still stayed the sam :frowning:


Can’t help then…^^’


Pfew,that’s a lot.
Thank God for my hardcore computer.
I expect at least 100 tokens after this hour (as Mohadib stated we’d get 10 to 50$ worth of tokens for every 1$).
So,I’m supposed to get at least ten times this much per mined buck,right?


Thats not how it works though.
See my reply about cryptocurrency in the lounge


Yeah,but…I saw somewhere that I’d get 100 times as much.
Am I supposed to get image this for every dollar mined?

One more question.
I have a pretty good pc,but is everything going to be allright if I leave it overnight?


Yes. It will take weeks for you to mine 1 dollar I believe.


So,with the tokens multiplier as Mohadib stated,how many am I supposed to get per hour?
I just want to test this for a while and have some statistics going on.


You get 1,79/ hour as the sign says. That x100 x500 stuff is just TS says so you’d think its not worth for them.
That 1,79/hour is the calculated ( it contains the x100 x500)


You’ve gotta be kidding me.
That is actually 100-500x the sum?
Okay,I’m aborting this right now;my pc deserves better than working like that for 2 tokens.
Thank you for enlightening me!


To be clear: 1 Crypto farmed = 100 Crypto worth in tokens (let’s say normal value is 3 token/crypto, so final value is 300 tokens/crypto)

Imagine you need 10 hours to make a Crypto, so you’ll get 300 tokens after 10 hours
divide it by 10 to get the tokens got in an hour (30)

so your ratio shown is 30/hour in the TS’s miner…

(and btw, if you mined by yourself Cryptos, you’ll get a worth equal to 0.3 token/hour after turning Cryptos into real money (the 0.3 is found by dividing the TS’s ratio by their multiplier, so 30/100))

Did I explained right ? ^^


You need much more than 10 hours to make a crypto with one computer


I know, but it’s night, so I wasn’t in mood to do algebrically incorect inequations of the 21st degree with some theorical quantic physic-based numerical followings on top…^^