Mining Tokens Experiment


Hi Pilots,

We’re about to start a little experiment on our SuperMechs web page and we’re opening it to players who want to participate.

We’re adding a web-based cryptocurrency miner which any player can turn on and start mining for SM Tokens.

What it basically does is using some of your computer’s computational power to generate MONERO which is then exchanged automatically for SM Tokens you can claim in the “Unclaimed Boxes” in the game.

Now, since this is an experiment and since crypto mining scripts working on a browser are quite weak, we decided to give participants x10 to x50 the value for the duration of the experiment. This means for every $1 you mine we’ll give you $10 to $50 worth of Tokens. More than that, we’ll reward each token the moment it’s ready so there is no need to wait until you mine the equivalent of $1 before you get the Tokens.


We consulted some of our players privately to learn what kind of concerns they may have on this so here are some answers to common questions we were asked:

:small_blue_diamond: Do I have to participate?
No. The mining script is turned off by default. You need to actively click the slider on the left and turn it on for it to work. We give a clear indication when it’s on and off.

:small_blue_diamond: Do I need to register?
No. Once you log into the miner you will be logged into your account.
However, if you want to switch the miner’s account, you need to log out of the game and then refresh your browser.

Regardless, at any point, you can see what user the miner is working for because it will say the username in the title.

Remember you can turn the script on an off whenever you want. As soon as it generates tokens they’ll be available in the Unclaimed Box screen.

:small_blue_diamond: Is this available on Mobile?
No. This experiment only runs on web page.

:small_blue_diamond: Is this legal?
Yes. As of writing, it’s currently legal to mine cryptocurrencies and it’s even done by governments. However, we urge you to educate yourself more on this.

:small_blue_diamond: Will it hurt my computer?
It won’t hurt your computer but it will consume resources. Your computer will work harder and applications demanding full resources (like PC games) will become slow while it works. What you should do is turn it off whenever you want to do something consuming with your computer.

Actually, the best way to use this Tokens mining option is to leave the computer with the miner on during the night or when you’re away from the computer.

:small_blue_diamond: Why are you giving such a high value per $1?
We give you $10 to $50 worth for every $1 you generate, which is obviously not really a great deal for us. But this is an experiment and we want to compensate players for participation. What we want to test here is whether it will be interesting to offer a PC mining tool, which can mine way faster than a web-based script. For this reason, we give you the $ value based on what we think a strong PC can generate, even though you generate way less $. So we kind of give away free tokens for the duration of the experiment, just to see how many players potentially interested in this.

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So, if I get the jist of this. You’re going to use your entire community to farm crypto currencies for you. Instead of building some cheap servers to do it without needing to give away anything.

Is this really happening? I legit cannot believe this bullshit.

(I’m probably jumping to conclusions here tbh).


Hi miners!
While working on this feature I’ve found out the Firefox - Developer Edition is the fastest mining browser on my PC (about x1.5 faster than Chrome!).
I’m challenging you to find a faster browser :slight_smile:


Hmm…this better be good.Good job lad’s! :grinning:

Nah i have better pc.


I’m currently generating at about 0.2 per hour. Is this the *10-50 amount or the standard amount I’m actually mining?


It’s an experiment to see how many players are interested in this channel.
The system is turned off by default so we’re not using anyone without consent, we’re just offering another way to get tokens.
In addition, we’re only offering it to the players on our web page which is a smaller amount of our players (the majority of supermechs players play on mobile).

Players which are not interested to participate need to do nothing, that’s the default situation.


Mine is about 0.10/hour is that good?


0.1/hour converts to 2.4 tokens a day :confused: In my mind I’d say no… It may be worth it during the trial period though if it gets increased

Majority of users are probably young meaning they are using laptops as oppose to PCs which will mean they will have low rates.


where is the button? i can’t see anything on my screen


clear cookies etc and then its either under your tokens or to the left hand side of the screen.


On my development PC (Intel i7-6700), I can reach up 0.9/hr.
The current rates we are using is actually way above x50, and we are not using 100% of your computer power so it will not slow it down completely.
If you are on an old PC or a Laptop, the best you can do is trying another browser.

If there will be interest in this feature, we will develop a miner desktop app, that is supposed to be much faster.


Middle side on the Left the Token icon


yes please i have my own PC that will be fun


I need to wrap my head around this.

  1. What’re you (and your teams) intentions behind this?

Because all I see here, is you and your team pushing off the most retarded idea I’ve ever heard of as an experiment. Free Farms, No effort required on your end other than to sell the idea that with farming people will earn tokens. Given that Crypto Currencies are typically hard to farm, even for best systems. I really doubt this will benefit those who farm freely for you. (it typically takes months to get a decent return on the amount of time, effort and computation power used).

  1. What will you guys do with the crypto currency that people farm during your “experiment”?

Crypto (depending on which it is) can be worth quite a bit. People would be better off not even farming and doing other things in the game to earn tokens. This is not “offering another way to get tokens”. Because the conversion ratio is terrible, even for those that have beastly systems for this type of thing.

Offering it to the small portion of players that play on your site. Still will not be enough to farm decently. Unless by smaller amount you mean a couple thousand players. I really feel like this is a scam to use your hard working communities systems to farm freely for you. While you guys sit back and watch the crypto currency “flood” in.

I strongly advise any players on their main site. To NOT opt into this. This is merely false promise of tokens just to turn you and others into farming stations.

I honestly wish I could trust anything you and your team put out Mohadib. But you challenge my trust and faith in you with every stupid idea that you pull out of your ass.

(I’m honestly too tired to give a shit for a reply so just shove it.)

P.S Stop including the small group of pets you guys have. They do not speak for the whole community. Make a bloody poll and be more transparent with us about your intentions and ideas. This is seriously pathetic.


Lets stay on topic please,


It could hurt a laptop because a laptop doesnt have as efficent cooling system as a PC so it might overheat the computer and in a very extreme situation it could burn down your motherboard.


The sad thing is. This type of farming is better suited for servers. NOT consumer laptops/desktops.

Servers. Get that through your head Mohadib. Servers work best for farming crypto currencies. I think you guys need to google a bit on what it’d work best on. Or are you guys just ignoring it to save a buck and possibly ruin your community members systems(?).


This is the maximum for my PC! The processor is loaded at 90% yet my earnings per day 25 tokens! It’s funny, because my electricity is much more expensive, I personally give up on this project!


This “project”/“Experiment” is nothing more than a rouse to use your systems to farm crypto for them. (my god they really think we’re too stupid to realize that).


We are not using 100% of your computer power.
Also burning motherboards from overheat should never happen. all of the computers today shut down themselves far before they can damage themselves.