Mining Tokens - Concluding the Experiment


Hi Pilots,

As you may have noticed, we have removed the Tokens Miner from our web page.

The aim of the experiment was to see if enough players are interested in this alternative way of gaining Tokens that it’ll be worth creating a proper desktop application for it. In order to test it, we rewarded mining on the web page (which is considerably less efficient) with tokens sometimes x100 and more of what was actually generated (in $).

We have concluded the experiment today. By what we saw, not enough players were interested in using this method to be worth additional investment on our part.

As a side note, all in all, Tacticsoft generated a total of less than $5 from all the mining activity done the 4 days the experiment lasted.

And thanks to everyone who chose to participate!


Cool. nobody better by angry because of this post.


Nice one
Maybe this will put down all the overly angry people

no offense but people got way to far into speculation and anger


I’m mad at this post.

Please refrain from offending my way of life, Yeet. Lord.


i still have miner option on my page


What is there to be mad at?


Clear your history and restart the browser


When you realize that I was supposed to be holding up the april fools joke about me leaving…woops.


I need that meme where the joke goes over your head

anywho stop the OT


I would have been interested in using it if I wasnt getting litterally 3 tokens an hour on a good day and having to deal with extreme lag and strain on my computer to do so.

whatever. some dreams are made to die, I guess.



Where is our item portal ?


Good job…Now my pc is bored.
(he has 0 jobs to do)


I think it’s actually better without this.

As a side note,I mined 1 token as a test.
Took me around 35 minutes (already too much for just 1 token considering that the 11/12-ish tabs I had open were actually lagging a little in the consitions that my pc carries around 20 something to 30 at a time perfectly) and when I tried to claim it,I got 0 :slight_smile:
Yay :3
I see that this claiming problem has occured to more people than just me,too.


I offered to send you guys 10$ monero for the 1000$ to $5000 in game but i never heard back :frowning:

That offer still stand


The token Miner is still here for me and I refreshed the page twice… Is that meant to be or is that on my part?


no!!! i want keep that miner its very good its only because people dont no how to use


People do know how to use it, and it’s a bloody scam. It’s depressing that people still fall for this stuff.


i make 280 token whit miner


please i want much more put mine againt please


280 tokens…

Do you have a nasa super computer in your bloody house? because if not, I’m calling bullshit of the highest degree.