Mini me mech Update page

A while ago some may remember someone doing a new account and posting every day, im gonna do something like this but i wont post every day, i will post every now and then and the account will also be a small amount of p2w
For anyone interested the name is Crimson Riot, Reason it is called mini-me is cause my main is Red Riot

The reason i have myths without getting the achievement is because of buying this offer, For those who dont know it just gives the upgraded items and you get to keep the old items you have before


A 725 token offer popped up so this account got its 1st pack

The 2nd pack just had a legendary energy mass booster


Just mythed my 1st Solar Boi

The pack for it had 2 items i can use, those being the mods


so you duplicated the drone? hell ya man thats great

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hmm i might do this

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