Milan Stabbed BAR


would using commas and full stops to organize your rant kill you?


yes :sunny: :wink: :blush:


Milan died because he was kicked and lost his army to one of our armies. We had consensus to attack LAN when we did, Only dissent came from Psi and Leo. It’s unfair that 20 people wanted to do something but because one guy, who never really led the alliance in actual war, didn’t want to do it.

Backstabbing is a part of BD, everyone does it. We also had to in order to even have a chance at beating an alliance with 500 more power than we had.


just because you are unable to win by skill and have to lie to people and backstab doesn’t mean everyone else does it. ICEMAN. PSI. just a few examples of players that win a bunch but keep their word and stick by what they say. players that actually have skill.


backstabbing is a part of bd that some people follow some people dont ok i would backstab my self troll etc but i wouldnt blame others if they saw what i did bad
as i said psi he didnt want to break the deal because he saw nothing will be gained form warring lan to his mems
you guys wanted to war according to psi to appease your ego which i disagree with most of you probably wanted for the hell of it
psi was doing his job as a leader in this case specially i wouldnt blame it on him he wanted to look for the whole team rather than some individuals


First someone say everyone was for war just Psi and leo didnt want and now you say 20 ppl

So its 100 ppl who dont want ot care vs 20 of you who wants…


Oh yeah, It must feel nice to just crap on the weakest people in an era and ally the others so you never actually have to fight.

You cannot talk about being unable to win by skill when all you guys did was make friends and play battlehugs. We beat our evenly skilled opponents, all you did was sit around all era nuking an alliance you already beat down.


i agree with you there as i said 100 times if i was still in the team i would have joined u guys LAN had it easiest wanted to make the era fun but psi as the LEADER he didnt care about that he cared about most of his mems getting top 50 thats why he choose a diffrent opinion from yours which it seems that nobody wants to look at it that way


You’re hilariously stupid if you think there were 100 people involved in any choices made by any faction this era.


Do you even hear yourself??

First say lan just sit and battlegug then you say they beat strk…

I was in strk and i can say Lan was better, they didnt come with 100 ppl at us just with few and ended it fast cuz they played like a team…


Except nearly every member in the top 50 wanted to war LAN, so he cared about himself more than anyone else in our faction.


Then dont say everyone wanted war…when half dont even play, so its 20 greedy noobs only…


what would he gained out of it ? seems like a lot of people saying he would have gained something out of this era? he needed another medal next to his ? he needed some petty blues? srsly what did he gain out of this him or leo i seem to be missing something lolgf?


STRK was barely a faction this era, the most they ever held was NA and that wasn’t even for long. Of course an alliance like LAN would win


You cant say LAN is weak and didnt do anything, cuz they have good players and team play and they didnt alli everyone and just sit


He got to keep his precious “honor” by screwing over his own alliance. It’s that simple, he cared more about his image than his team


STRK was weak, not LAN. LAN just sat around all era and built up, occasionally killing a STRK member for fun because why not.


Better be hated by 20 noobs than 200 players


na psi didnt mind warring friends before please cool off your head first psi would have been hated whatever choice he made if you were in the disscussion about warring lan from the start between trajic and milan and psi you would have known that but you just hear the end (trajic quit because he was busy irl and the drama was getting way too much so he didnt wnna get involved again in bd while he had stuff to do)
psi though about his mems getting top 50 thats what he wanted nothing else hey i am willing to bet 100 bucks that he wouldnt have asked for relics or crystals for him self rather to make most his mems get the most blues out of it :slight_smile:


He could have just… left the alliance? He didn’t have to screw those of us that actually played and worked hard.