Milan Stabbed BAR


I see here it saw war for rank 1 not for fun…


If you read what I said again, I did say ‘to win’. Fun was just another reason.

#24 yeah yeah war LAN to appease the massive ego for 200 ticks sad stuff


i was got in team 300 ticks ago, and today i came to know that PSI was our leader, i thought its just some random person (rofl)


his loyalty was to his word. not to LAN. why didnt you complain about him making the agreement in the first place but only complain after the traitors have been punished for trying to break his deal?


@Grust maybe if u have been conterbuting to the team in anyway u would have known who is ur leader :slight_smile:


its not psi problem, i guess, its admins problem, i must say, they made the wrong idea of event, they should have considered such things, leader should not have the power to kick some one, without real reasons, provoking for fight, backstabbing is surely not reasons in bd, we are not learning ethics here, if you are learning ethics of keeping agreements and let others win, then go back to school, dont go for bd at all


While I agree with you with that, ask any BAR member what else PSI did all era, Kaen. I’m sure you love the idea to boost reds and hug the whole world to get blues, too. I could have easily sat out and got my top 10 ribbon. But I didn’t. @Senatus was ultimately the person that kept BAR together. THATS why mine, and so many others loyalty was to him.


We’ve been complaining about the deal for quite a while, it’s just hard to complain to someone that isn’t there. Furthermore, part of Battledawn in my opinion is that deals aren’t always respected. It’s a war game, of COURSE backstabs are going to happen. That’s part of the game. It’s also why I messaged Rania as soon as the war started that it was my decision and not Psi’s, so that it was known that it was me who backstabbed and not Psi. That was my attempt at preserving his word, because he seems to care about his “honor” on this game. Apparently caring about honor to those outside your alliance matters more than to those inside your alliance, sadly.


complain about the deal when it was first made when it was gonna force us to play a 3v1 seantus lol u werent here when the deal was made psi did what had to be done
seantus and trajic are the ones who kept BAR toghther war was on 2 major fronts each led his own idk why people forget that if we lost africa we probably couldnt have won or atleast took us much longer to win


psi honor was for another team, he got respect from other alliance, obviously he will get honor, because he is letting them win, without war, and only thing what psi did is , he saved his eras for future, because he must think to play with them, as he usually play with them, so he saved his eras in future only


Yeah, I know. I guess I was on Asia forefront, so I kind of forget about what happened in Africa.


No one would won this war cuz all top rank players wouldnt take battle and lose their ranks…cuz you get tokens for best rank not winning team and we all know ppl here are greedy…


@Grust so stabbing to appease the egos a war for 200 ticks for nothing while he cuts deals for there relics and scores ?


Sure, Traj and Milan did the work, that’s obvious. Psi was supposed to be our leader but I never saw him coordinating attacks with other members. I’d wager many people in the alliance looked at Milan as our actual leader.

Every single active member of our faction wanted to war LAN at tick 740, we had gone and informed them of our plans and they did not object. All save Psi and Leo. They should have gone with what the majority of our players wanted to do, not what they wanted to do. LAN did very little this era besides kick around a faction that was so much weaker than they were.

We friendlied LAN because we needed to to fight FIRE alone, and we did and won. We needed to backstab in order to have an advantage over a team that was building troops for the entire era and barely losing much at all.

Psi’s loyalty was to his faction members, not his deals with other factions. We wanted war, the majority, the VAST majority wanted war, but because he cared more about himself than his faction, he sided with LAN like a coward.


Ah, so I’m greedy? I could’ve grabbed my Top 10 and left. I chose to have a bit of fun and, along with my alliance mates, give LAN a fight. Because LAN haven’t done as much as BAR have. FIRE was better competition than STRK was, and nobody can say otherwise.


Maybe you dont care but others do, and when few of you do fight others just sit and build and farm… so about real war not many ppl care


Lan did good this era, blame STRK who didnt knew to coordinate ppl


ok for the 104932482308 fking time i said a point no1 is bothering replying to it if u didnt like the deal should have cried about it when it was cut not after the part u liked was over then crying no we dont like it anymore if u wanted to fight 3v1 should have asked for it then :slight_smile: milan ur actual leader thats what u though because he was the most vocal psi decided everything else diplo organization etc (same for traj but atleast traj respected psi as the leader) im not saying psi did all he could for the era though could have been better but my single problem is you guys crying and blaming it on psi


as i said i would have joined in ahve the fun but i wouldnt have blamed psi milan ended up dead most of u would have died aswell he made sure the rest would survive about it :slight_smile: