Milan Stabbed BAR



Log in e4, Milan stabbed his whole team and saying it was PSI.

He even hacked PSI account and made him leave.

Whats going on? Is this true?
Many friends saying this right now

Please Explain


Milan’s song

Yo this one here goes out to all my players out there, man, ya know
that got that one good girl who’s always been there, man, like took all the bullshit
then one day she can’t take it no more and decide to leave

The girl is Felipe :joy:


thats not reality, yes milan backstabbed bar, not only him, the whole alliance did, and psi ruined era for like 120 guys, i must say, admins ruined era for them, no one hacked PSI account, PSI left by himself,
If admins have not given power to leader to take some one directly, then why the hell they gave power to leader to kick some one,


In rules it says leader can kick someone for reason and there was a reason for kick so he had every right, if anyone else thought they would have been better leaders they should have took that place when asked and not cry now…and its not 100ppl half dont even log or care


@Grust Admins have the right to do that If they see something inappropriate, possible SPY, flamer etc.

Milan did decide on war by kinda himself, meanwhile PSI agreements were otherwise. So that means hes not following orders and going against the alliance will.

Opsss, reason to kick.



is it a reason to not fight in battledawn, thats what u are saying to me?
what kinda reason you are looking, milan and others planned to fight, if fighting in bd is not allowed and u think that going for fight against leader will is good, thats not a game for single person willing,


No one said Felipe didnt want to war, but there are other ways to start it and when he says cuz he is leader, like i said many were asked to be no one wanted and now they act like they are, Milan wasnt even a co so for stabbing yeah he should be kicked


@Grust take it more chill.
Spirit of fight or not doesn’t matter. Agreements are agreements. You cant start a war whenever you want just like that and put down all the work of the others. Most didn’t even wanna fight. He “stabbed” his own alliance for that because of his GREED. So all legit



Psi has ruined entire era. Admin gave too much power to the leader & from when did backstabbing become illegal in BD? Check the HOF best all times. More than half of the players reached there because of backstabbing. Its a part of warfare.


that means that this event was the worst, leader makes deal, and they get 120 people to do what they want, and in bd, they want deals, they want 120 guys to stay back, and let rank 1 team to win, because that rank 1 team is filled with boosters, so why dont admin just make 1 alliance and hand over victory to them…


Felipe was against war, I have screenshots of LAN telling me how they told PSI to kick people if they attacked. BAR planned this for awhile and the only one who was against it was our “leader” who was inactive after the start. Big shout out to Milan idc what y’all say. He led the team, NOT PSI.


Psi was no leader, he was rarely around and never coordinated. Almost all of the active members of BAR were on board with this attack, the only people left out were done so because of concerns over spies from LAN.

Milan has been leading this alliance since I started paying attention and there would’ve been no way to replace Psi as a leader with so many inactive members of the alliance.


Psi was just a tittle. It was Trajic & Milan who looked after the alliance. Psi wasn’t even online at tick 51 when faction was created. He was way too late.


If anything, BD and Staff should be pissed at PSI for them losing out on a ton of money from a BAR vs LAN war. Nobody is going to spend any $$ now.


greedy rank whores will still boost dw

And its not like you are losing money so why care…


that’s bcoz, time>> money so we care.


i’ve spent quite a bit and i might spend more to get my rank up. im the lowest ranking relic-holder since i havent boosted since the beginning. gotta catch up


Well. The way I see things is that almost every active player in BAR wanted to war LAN, for fun. For first. For a good time. Its saddening to see that PSI’s loyalty laid with LAN more than his own alliance mates, who might I add have done about 90% of the work this era. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing, even with the knowledge that PSI would do such a thing. He ruined the era, however. Hopefully factions gets a good look at for Era 2 so an absolute fucking farce like this doesn’t happen again.


as i said before will say it again @Carter @redwurm if every1 is crying psi didnt want to stab lan cry 650 ticks earleir when we were gonna fight 3 teams :slight_smile:
@Zealot no psis loyality didnt lay with LAN pretty sure he is smarter than most of you but your mad that you did stuff without ur leaders consent and you had lashback?
its sad this is the saddest thing i read in a while i am ok with people warring LAN but blaming it on psi cuz he made deals for good of his team and people crying about it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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