Mi Experiencia en sm beta


Un gusto de aver sido seleccionado para testear el juego beta…sin dudas muchas cosas no me quedaron en claro…pero lo unico que mas me pregunto es…sera que este modelo nuevo de juego tambien sera infectado con hackers?..lo demas en mi paso por sm beta me dejo una serie de dudas…


Let me tell you something …

If the new model is successful, it will surely be infected with hackers. Because more successful is a game, more come these parasites.

If the model is not successful, there are fewer hackers. It’s like a thermometer to measure the popularity of a game.

But … 1 or 2 things: the first is that if you have bad luck, hacker grabs you and you lose the battle (it´s very difficult to win a hacker), keep in mind that you have lost nothing. The victory of a hacker is worthless, does not exist. The medals of a thief are smoke. The victories of a thief clan have no value. No one will say “look! A won over B”. What we’ll say is “look! A has stolen B”.

And second, these people are so ambitious, they destroy each other. Just wait and you will see that the worms can not live together for long. Between them, they bite each other.

Good luck!


Don’t worry @Wepwawet , unlimited fusion and unlimited boxes cheats are gone in the new version.


I’m sure there will be other problems to come with the game, though.


Funnyest part is that the most “dangerous” cheats don’t even need programs, are just in-game bugs.


Otra de las cosas que mas molesta aparte de todo este tema tener la oportunidad de poder adquirir tokens por medio de pago y aun asi aver podido comprar upgrades items miticos jamas me toco lo nesesario y jamas pude ser un top player trate de jugar honestamente y esto me da bronca por que hay gente que gasto plata por este juego y algunos son top otros no tanto y derrepente aparecen hackers con items y entre otras cosas que son difisiles de obtener diria yo imposible…yo se que siempre existieron estos hackers pero ultimamente son mas violentos de alguna manera…resumiendo ya no da gusto jugar este juego si nadie se responsabiliza de esta gente…


No maxoz, es que los tokens inviertes se te regresan cuando reinician, algunos aprendimos subir rápido con los jefes de la zona 1 y 3 para conseguir cosas y upgradear, aunque eso si lleva sus 5 horas sin descanso, realmente si hay gente con dinero en el beta pero es algo recuperan cada que reinician y lo inviertes mejor después, por eso te parece que algunos son hacks, hay menos bugs y quitaron muchas cosas los permitían, igual me hice bolas y no estás hablando del beta que oso XD!


Hay que estar pendiente para el reporte de nuevos bugs XD!


Vale yo avise asi que el que avisa no traisiona…y lo del beta luego habra de que hablar


I hope in the next update they will reset all mythical items to legendary. Which means dropping tiers, legendaries to epic, epic to rares, rares to common. In that case, p2w players and f2p players will be equal.



20 character limit


Actualy we won’t be equal. The main core of player that paid to enjoy this game… will still have a sheetloa of legendaries, that can be bosted fast to mythicals. The gap will still be there, it won’t be so major, but still huge one to cover.
Second of all from what i understood so far about beta, the gap between epic-legendary-mythical is huge, more then 50% just in dmg increase. So do be so quick to judge the paying ones… we are the ones that actualy support this game, so that all players enjoy it.


What i am interested in finding out is : what do we get to keep from our accounts?
Experience lvls? All wepons? SM credits? Tokens?
Cause let’s face it nobody wants to lose anything…specyly if it cost money!
The inventory space will be limited, from what i heard you gotta cough up 25 tokens for 5 inv space… that is pretty steep.
So another good question, what should we do now, to avoid a loss of items? Start fusing them, to narrow down the space? What should we do with the SM credits we have, some of us have in the hundreds millon range, should we spend it now? so that we actualy get something out of it?
What happens with the “hackers”, cheaters, exploiters, that were supposed to be banned? Will we get them in the beta aswell?
These are my questions, i think we should have some info about these things.


How “fast”? How many hours of game do you have to dedicate to raising a legendary item to a mythical item?

And once you’re mythical, how much time do you have to devote to achieving a fusion that is at least respectable?


Yo disfrute del juego y si esta nueva vercion rinde talvez vuelva a gastar dinero honestamente para conseguir mejoras y no hackeando com hacen los malos jugadores…en cuanto el beta hay que esperar.


What are the cheats?


I will be posting in the next few days an interview with @Mohadib that will explain most of your questions.
No one is losing anything and we have made grace periods for players with large inventories.
Only a little while longer and you will see everything.


In the words, of a narrator that changed my life almost 20 years ago…
“War… War never changes…”,
Give u an sunday icecream, if you know from where it is.


En mi experiencia del beta, 1 día llegas de raro a Mítico = Viciando 8 horas, con todo el upgrade eso con lleva, aunque se siente menos desesperante en comparación de +15 que te parece vas a tardar años, aunque en esencia en mítico es casi lo mismo XD!