Mfw I go up against someone with an all myth mech and I have 3 myths

wow…really the title says: Mfw I go up against someone with all myth and I have 3 myths and it’s nothing about it…nice clickbait

The dominant lyric of this song “I. HATE. YOU.”


character limit

u hate the game?

character limit

Please tell me you’re being dense on purpose, for ■■■■’s sake

yeah I was…I was bored

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sorry bout that…

Why do you think I made this topic lolol

u clickbaite meh

I friggin swaer, no clickb8 here

stay jealous, beta.

Stay hypnotized by virtual medals

you’re projecting sweetie, I play my 5 battles a day and then still finish way higher than you. stay mad.

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I’d be mad if I spent but alas, I didn’t waste (as much) as you on this money grab of a game

the premise of the thread is you expressing rage and “hate” towards those with more myths than you, you can’t have it both ways.

Temporary emotions, in the long term I could care less