MFBs or Mobile Field Bases for Mechs to Use For Repair in Campaign

Okay so I was doing some thinking in regards for improvement regarding to Super Mechs and an idea did pop into my head.

So one of the issues I found with the game was in regards to Support Items you could pick up.

Rather it be Repair, Energy Boost, or even Heat Boost for that matter, since Support Items are pretty much a take what your going to get?

There was one option that could be added in campaign.

MFB short for Mobile Field Base.

This originates back to the Mechwarrior/Battletech franchise and since Super Mechs does at least follow both the Mech genre and Mechwarrior game mechanics I feel this could be an excellent adaptation to the game as well.

Listed below is the following link regarding MFBs in Mechwarrior through their wiki.

Now the question is how could this be applied to Super Mechs.

Simple player could be limited to maybe 2-3 visits on a sqaure set up or walk to an exit on the grid so to speak to allow for repairs.

The MFBs would be limited to a certain rate of which points for repairs in campaigns and any PvE events could be applied.

The option for the MFBs could be a support edition earned similar to components or bought say through earned gold or tokens.

The rate in campaign of which the MFBs could work could be upgraded like other components overtime.

I am not so sure about the option for Arena Battles being that is more regulated to PvP but this could be a wonderful addition to add for Super Mechs.

Just a thought.