Metal Thread for metal Heads


This is a metal thread . With all the sub genres and our age, regional, and national differences one constant remains… The power of the music. This thread is designed to share metal music you like or even hard rock or alt rock as long as it is heavy in nature or moves your soul. Tag your metal head friends. Share bands or songs you like. That is how we find stuff we may never have heard . Post as much info as you can . I will start

Gaza - Canine Disposal Unit
Album He is never Coming Back

Band hails from Salt Lake City Utah

@L4K3 @Vicarious

I’m not a metalhead but I like rock(sometimes)


Pretty much the whole black album is my favorite metal song.
I am more into grunge though.


This is one of the most intense songs I’ve ever listened to.
It’s a story-type,melodic death metal song.
The story is very deep and it holds a couple symbols and messages that are astonishing.
Not to say that the screams are so full of life,it makes my spine shiver.
First time when I listened to this I cried.
It’s such a strong song;please listen to all of it,feel it,even if the beginning isn’t that amazing as it’s going to touch your heart.

A couple notes,but you don’t have to click this,it’s an extra:

It’s about the vision of life.
Tartarus is both a deity and a place in the abyss,something like Erebus but in the other dimension.
Tartarus,in this song,symbolizes the mentality of us,humans;our way of being.
This is the big hint I’m gonna give you,figure out the rest yourself.
I love it when the first time he says ‘‘Today is a good day to die’’ then the story goes on,the perspective changes and this line is changed into ‘‘Today victory is mine’’.
This line is screamed in such a way you can feel it echoing through your very soul.
The ‘‘I’ll never forget it,the day they came’’ part is the ‘‘voice of his inner regret’’,dead cold,followed by the ‘‘voice of sorrow’’ and then by ‘‘the voice of hope’’.Everytime,the tonality changes and so the background.
And in the end,’‘victory is achieved’’ with that insane scream.
In this case,’‘victory’’ is death itself.I’m telling you as it’s hard to understand the real meaning of this song.
There’s no end and no help to it,no matter what you do…


Cool and good.



Two of my favorite albums from Stone Sour; The House of Gold and Bones parts 1 and 2download (2)download (1)



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For real:

I’m not a metalhead though.


Todays submission is from my favorite death metal band. Not the heaviest, not the fastest, not the slowest , just an amazing mix of all of it.

Obituary Body Bag
Album Cause of Death

Hail from Florida USA


Today’s submission


ALBUM Double Equals

Hail from Thrashachusettes

Awesome dudes !


Went to see Dying Fetus and Thy Art is Murder last night . Obituary in a few weeks here is today’s submission


Aaaaaaaand this as well. I went to see these guys other band was a bonus



Old school! Bolt Thrower


super mechs music click click boom


A concert is going to take place here,as well and I can’t wait.
Idk the bands but who cares?