Meta Thread: How to Balance Your Weapon, Torso, or Leg Idea

ignore 2ab.
this topic deserves more points than what he said.
good shiez.

also on the site note,not sure if does deserve to get pined unless if dark asked mari.

anyhow enjoy building h


Also want to add any sections (like a specific thing to consider while coming up with the stats for a weapon or torso? I’ll edit it in and credit it


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Marija gave me permission to pin it.

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Good idea with efforts

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Added a segment about how to sort of implement your cool idea for a new type into the preexisting types.

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Added a section for legs.

I hate weapons with 2 word or more names that represent what they do

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Naming idea is bad,flaming laser sword?we have already heronmark and terror blade.
the only i need to balance this game is fix the drop rate only…

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It’s a joke phrase, commenting on how many ideas that simple phrase gets rid of, as a large majority of suggestions would be instantly a forced meta.

But if the weapon is a sniper like flaming scope???So if it deals
600-1100 dmg it will cost 350 heat 250 energy and 300 backfire is it ok?

That’s too much cost. Falcon does almost that much for way less.

Nos to creat a drone??and wapon??and torsos??!

I’m sorry, what! I also have not had !!!

remove energy consumption to all frantics :wink:

I’ve tried to come up with a randomizer drone that’s meant to be weaker and more random than the frantic but it’s not meant to be a frantic, yet people immediately tell me that it’s a frantic even though its damage as well as alternate forms of damage (resist drain, energy damage, and heat damage) will all be randomized through a different concept than what the frantic uses.

how about no you psycho

Ralfman is kind of sarcastic. Take his post with a grain of salt :slight_smile: