Message to the SM Team (Urgent)


DOnt worry, I havent thrown my life into this game like some have


It actually is kinda funny to see how some of the players in this game throw their life into it.
And sometimes I see people making posts about quitting forever after a struggle to quit like it is some sort of drug.
Probably why Tactisoft can still make money even after lots of dishonesty and bad changes.

Also, despite all the complains on the forums, I think it is still a good game, as long as you don’t waste any money on it.


fusion cost is logicall, u dont trow an item to other & magically become better
i said these before
but the actual cost its a nonsense
so im with u Fluxy!


This was posted half a year ago. :slight_smile:

It’s still a little ridiculous now, but I highly doubt anything will be changed at this point.


xD didnt notice it
i guess it was on my time out of SM
but still the cost is nonsense 50k on last 4 legendary items lvl & double if its mythical its really too much

actually i didnt even know why i still play it xD
its not fun, i already completed campaign & ladder is boring everything its the same
i cant even make a farming plan because i just need leg-myth items & few engines
SM had no shine x me anymore
any ideas on why i should keep playing?


hell im all for this shit fluxeon made very very good points im with it


You get any response ???


Of course not.


Michael R. to his dev team :

“WE do not answer any questions or complains, so our customers, also the best ones, have a challange to figure out self, that it is not worth to invest any money into our game :exclamation:


Just what I heard :exclamation: