Message to the SM Team (Urgent)


I still have not gotten my tickets for doing the beta


Write an email to

about your problem :confused:


AND THEY ADDED AMMO BACK IN. This ladies and gents is what it’s like to get screwed over, once again them trying to squeeze money out of our pockets.


You don’t say…


Boom. Have you forgotten about me yet?

This “power kit” solution is not satisfactory, and does not help.

I had around 100-ish legacy mythical items left (that I’m willing to get rid of)… I turned them into power kits… and it turned into 157 (!!) power kits… so I got a net item gain.

This does NOT help in getting under the item limit for the grace period at all, since the fusion costs to use these power kits are the same.


At the very least, make it so that power kits (and color kits for that matter), do not take up any inventory slots. This will also give a purpose to fusing items into non-maxed power kits, just to lower their item count for the item limit.

…or you know… remove fusion costs.


Like I said it in the other topic:
Its all good and everything… but now I have over 10 million powerpoints in like 800 powerkits but I cant use them because I have no gold. I need 159 000 gold to fuse one legendary to the max and 526 000 to max a myth.
So I have powersupply for years but goldsupply for a day. Thats cool.

And because of the inventory limit I won’t be able to open more boxes so I’ll be stuck with the useless items I already have and of course I can’t fuse them and make some room by destroying power kits ( fuse 100 powerkit into 1 weapon) because there is a huge waste if you wanna fuse a fused item into another item… ( a full fused legendary is like 22 000 power after you fused 200 000 into it… or something like that)
Like Fluxeon said it … you should solve this.

Maybe the devs read this topic more frequent than the other.


AHAHA they added premium accounts back too :joy:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’m sorry


I went from 1.7k Items to now 1.2k =) I have the same problem still. Too much items, not enough gold.


yay 400 items left -.-


what does the beta give you as reward?


You can see that these “developers” (scammers) are trying hard af to get money from us, seeing that bigboy use give epics 95% of the time( 5% legends), but nows its just a regular item box with a chance of legends, that’s all.

These new “top players are not respectable like us veteran players” they just manage to gaub power throught all this chaos.

Not to mention that they so horribly failed to cease “seal clubbing” by loweribg everyone’s rankings but, they dug themselves a hole so deep they can’t stop it.

Oh and did I mention when we top players wabted legends as rewards, because eceryone can easiky get epics? Ibstead if doing that, they lowered the bar for EVERYONE ELSE so now we should be grateful to get epucs when now nobody can, this system is SHIT, SUPERMECHS IS SHIT. I want ti keace but I have soent too much money, and time.


Agent, you need to calm down, because you miss certain keys on the keyboard… It is just as if you wanted to tell your wife that the soup was just a little bit too salty, and eventually you ended up by saying “I wasted 25 years of my life with you”…


That is asure way to get poisoned on thw next soup.
But he does make a point that the veterans got scamed of their old power and lost all their invested time and money. And if you want to get back on the top you have to pay up… alot more then in the past.
In my opinion it is a too money grabing/time consumeing game.
And he is right about the arrogance that these new top players display.
Like i said in one of my posts this game has changed, and i dont mean the game( that is sheet atm, because of the so many unbalances/hiden aspects etc etc), but the players attitude, the way they threat others, this is what is destroying this game in my opinion, respect is lost, arrogance and condescent, meean and alot of bad passions.
The element of fun is gone.
Evrybody is grinding like crazy… for absolut nothing.
Here my words, the wheel is the same, only the players changed, and not for the better.


how about legacy items cost half the gold to boost with


See it this way. As long as you have legacy to fuse, you will only have to get coins to pay for the merger and the boxes you ca not open will accumulate in “unclaimed”.

But if you think this is bad, expect to see what happens when your legacy runs out. Then you need coins to pay for the fusion and also coins to buy junk item boxes that are gradually increasing their cost.

If despite your rage, which is very understandable, you want to stay in the game, take it easy, it does not matter if the others have 3 mechs full fused. All those full fused mechs in a short time will be obsolete when new items appear.


Allow me to summarize this entire post in one sentence, so you may stop complaining:



The new SuperMechs are really boring me out,i mean,wasting the items some people spent their money on? What do they want exactly? More money? Players? I dont know ill just stop.


You haven’t played a match in like 6 months. Does the fusion costs, inventory limit, or anything about update matter ?


I agree. Perhaps we were wrong about the players all along though.