Message to the SM Team (Urgent)


the first thing you should do is:
-grind in the campaign
-rebuild your mech
-get rid of your old items ( except mythical modules, teleporters,charge,shields and grappling hooks )
-fight in the arena when you have atleast a full legendary mech
-have fun :slight_smile:


^^ thats the problem, right now only tacticsoft having fun, seeing their money trap works to some players !


With all due respect, it has worked for you as well. The only difference is that you have spent on your savings. But saved or bought new, you also invested thousands tokens in the update.


i cant log in atm
does anybody else have same problem?


Ya, server down here for me also???


Yes, all us…


@ImmortalHunter can’t grind campaign if you don’t get anything in the campaign …

You don’t get anything good in the campaign. Everything is way harder (The AI) and can’t even reset the missions to get boxes. Even if I get enough tokens to buy some boxes 90% of the time it’s epics and not legendaries.

oh bigboy the last mission doesn’t give epics now so hopefully they’ll change that back ; - ;


._. i dont really care about this. i will farm until my battery is low


@ImmortalHunter what is there to farm?


The (otherwise understandable) salt this update caused… :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning:

RIP YEARS OF PLAYTIME WASTED *internal screaming*


I defeated big boy insane today. Two rares and one common…

Why do we do this

What’s the point of inventory limit anyways? If you’re gonna make one then make it sure it would be suitable for players. 125 is not enough and yeah sure we can buy more space BY TOKENS like what the heck? and why does color kits costs tokens?

One more step is to sell the game itself -.-


Be prepared, soon it will be 1 token per PvP and or campaign match. :scream:

I agree 125 is lame. We should have a default 300 and OR a much much lower cost for inventory slot upgrade.


Make it 10 tokens



Let’s make SM let you play only if you pay a subscription of $9.99/month. SARCASM INTENSIFIES


i stopped playing because all awesome legendaries only from premium boxes with 0.0228 chances


don’t give them any more ideas,
we already suffered from them finding out from the forum about the OLD Big Boy pay offs we WERE getting. :sunglasses:


I’m laughing at how much this topic has deviated from the original.

Guys, just deal with it. It’s hopeless. How many suggestions and hate posts have been made? Over 30. Has there been any sign of them listening? NO.


B-b-but they are working on a solution!4!!

Heh, weeks have passed since they said it, they are trying to “”"“solve”""" this big update downgrade’s problems without the darn community.


Well said.

Tfw SM reloaded becomes SM retarded