Message to the SM Team (Urgent)


just 19 days for inventory limit,please do something before that


@Zarkares @bestplayerintheworld the remaining items should be free to fuse… its impossible to decrease item amount…


I agree completely, Fluxeon. All good ideas. Fusion cost is so expensive that it is prohibitive and slows down playing time. My hope is that Michael Rosen and his team can remedy the issues soon. I have played Supermechs off and on for 6 years (beta) and have never seen this type of imbalance from Tacticsoft until now. I have even considered investing in the company. Player interaction with developers is critical to the long term success of the platform.



Since you guys aren’t going to respond to my topic, let me elaborate on my points on WHY fusion costs shouldn’t be a thing, I already posted this on another topic, so I think I’d put it here too.

  1. You are already using coins as a method to obtain items that can be used for fusion. Why should you pay again to fuse them away? Sure you can grind for items too, but at the end of the day, they all have inherent costs, because they will either cost you time, or coins.

  2. Transformation costs are already VERY expensive, ESPECIALLY when you think about what it takes to get a single Mythical item. (100k coins + 5 (!) Legendary items. You can’t get these from non-premium boxes, which means you have to fuse and transform to get even 1 Legendary, if you are a non-payer. See point 1.)

  3. Power drain. Fusing your maxed (or highly powered) item into a new item won’t transfer over much of the power already invested in that item.

  4. The need to adapt to the metagame, plus the item limit, means you will end up fusing your current items to another item, should you feel that other item is better. (See all 3 previous points.)

  5. Some veteran players have 8000+ items. One of your main points of the update is to allow old players to “Fuse away all their old items into the new items!”, something they can’t do without… what… 100 million coins? Due to the silly fusion cost. Not only have they lost all their progress (and money) in building their previous mechs, they now can’t even fuse them away in the grace period as you guys intended, without coughing up thousands of dollars.

Perhaps now you see why many players are upset. I believe point 2 alone should justify the removal of fusion costs.

Please respond to the topic, I am willing to discuss and further elaborate these points. I do feel like they are very clear at this point.


The points are very clear . (<- very clear point) :smile:

Now we have to wait for an ANSWER, if WE (I to my 2 threads with a lot of likes) get an A N S W E R … we will see.

Hopefully if does NOT take months - as in the “cheater” case !
(I dont dare to mention the time for the colour-comeback :blush: )

A day or 2 would be appreciated !

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I feel like when I had my first job and I had always go to discuss with the boss the salary increases. That’s because there were no rules and you were always at the mercy of what the boss wanted to do.

When there were clear rules, it was never necessary to go and plead for the increases.


tell the developers to make fusion “cost free” atleast during the grace period


that’s good because i spent all my gold and tokens for fusing


It should cost to transform not to fuse



You told me that the developers were working on some solutions for this week regarding players with a lot of legacy items.

Could you share what those solutions are now? And when will they be ready? (don’t say “soon” :slight_smile: )


We have already fused half of legacy items.

The only solution for our remaining legacy (I still have about 900), will be to extend the grace period for at least 1 month.

As for the compensation for losses we could choose to exchange experience points for gold.

Note that they were never told that accumulating items was wrong !! Never!


@Wepwawet @Fluxeon @Zarkares @El_Metre @TinCan @bestplayerintheworld


What a mess. I was hoping to see some kind of fix bye now. This is a shame .


Fluxeon has done a nice job of constructive criticism here. Of all the complaints I have seen on here this is the most important one to address. Coming from me this will probably sink to the bottom of the t soft toilet but I promised I would comment on it.


There is a new update. Guess what is it? A freaking UI update :joy: :joy:


The lack of spine they are showing is repulsive, we are kids AND adults asking that you do something about the problem you have created. We aren’t all just screaming, we are providing constructive criticism.


SCREW the level up rewards…atleast reset the campaign mode so we can get legendary boxes off of the bosses…



EDIT: alright guys after creating a new account i found out about this
so it seems the low level people are getting nerfed now…idk how much that’ll effect our ultimate destruction tho.


Level 55 to fully unlock all of your module slots? Haha wow sucks for the new guys indeed. Makes me almost not regret losing out on all the campaign and level up rewards that veterans completely miss out on.


Omg I have been gone for a month and everything has changed!!!woooow