Message to the SM Team (Urgent)

Mohadib, we talked yesterday in game. Yes… I am still referring to and unhappy about the fact that there is a steep fusion cost, especially at high item levels (Legendary and Mythical). The fact that our old items become pretty much worthless is a problem by itself, we need fusion costs to go so we can fuse our 5000-10000 junk items into the new items. I already explained about why the fusion system is already fine, even without the fusion costs (power drain + transform costs + the need to adapt your mechs to the meta) in the other thread, so I won’t say it again. You claimed that the new system is “balanced” and “well tested by the players” and that these changes are what the players agreed on.

Then why are there so much anger in the forums regarding this entire update? Everyone is screaming and swearing their lungs off, rage quitting and “retiring”. Some even decided to boycott all Tacticsoft games altogether.

This doesn’t seem like “what the players agreed on” to me.

This needs to be urgently addressed, or nearly every one of your players are going to leave.


Oh… and don’t tell me you’ll come up with a solution “soon”, because this is a very urgent matter (for your sake).

Continued below.


Why the CENSORED you’re complaining about fusion problems when all the money and time that you spend are gone fluxy?


Onii-chan pls help Tacticsoft destroyed my 3 years of hardwork and the money that I spent


Money is never a problem for me.

Time? Well… I don’t know about that one.


Unlike this “developers” team : - )


Continuing my post above… tl;dr : Remove fusion costs.

The fusion system is fine WITHOUT fusion costs.

You have to account for having the items themselves to fuse, which costs coins if you’d like to purchase boxes. Then you have to account for the transformation costs. Then the power drain, where a full powered item will give a much smaller amount of power when fused to another item. Lastly, you will need to adapt to the metagame, so you will end up repeatedly fusing your current items into other items.

Alternative suggestion: Remove fusion costs for the grace period, so veteran players will have a chance to fuse away all their 5000-10000 items. Even then, the default fusion cost is too high, so it should be MUCH lowered after the grace period. It needs to be divided by like 10, or at least 5. I mean for real, not monkey math.

I suggest just removing fusion costs totally. (not transformation costs)
Either way, something has to be done about this, the alternative suggestion I posted above would be alright, IF you guys still think “fusion costs” should be a thing.

Also, this is my gripe on the game currently. I am sure many other players have other issues they take offense to, such as all their hard-earned items being useless now. They can’t even fuse them, because of… once again… the fusion costs.


I’m with ya fluxy
We don’t like fusion cost
Do we?


That would be good… but with one amendament… the ones that alredy started using fussion and payed the prohibeted price, get a refund.
Becasue i just spent 16m(new gold)=160m old sm coins, to get rid of some items and fuse them.


Yes, a refund for those who spent, just to make it fair.


Also this is just one issue.
The balancing of wepons has to be adressed.
The reward for PVP, and campaign.
Also, for the ones that chose the money the first time, that need to be redone.
Cause if the fussion is lowered, well we could option for boxes, instead of money.


@Sarah247, out of all the topics I’ve read filled with toxicity, this is one of the only ones that actually identifies some problems. I don’t play SM anymore but this is likely the only topic where you’d make any headway with players… at all


This is how much just to fuse one legendary item from Level 1 to Level 40 (max). This is not inclusive of the transformation price, which you have to sacrifice 5 (?) legendary items, and I believe there’s also an extra cost of 100k.

This is just legendary, mythicals would be WAY higher.

You might be thinking… “You can just grind!”. Well, how are we supposed to grind when all we have are outdated mechs that can’t even beat campaign opponents near the middle now? And we lose every single pvp battle we enter?

Also just for a reference at how ridiculous this is… the reward for Insane Mode Final Mission in the campaign… is around 20k.

Also another update: Fang456 told me that to max out a Mythical Item, it takes 600k.


that reward is for the first time you win.
When grinding the reward is around 6-8k.
And it takes about 12 mins to complete it.
And even with fully fused new mechs is chalanging, if you dont get a repair kit, because the wepons hit around 200 dmg.


I totally agree with you. There’s not much to add to this post, exept that maybe, when you can’t get everything fused in the next 24 days, you’ll be stuck because of the “no rewards” ( = no gold) thing. So it’s “fuse items or you account is dead”, and I don’t think that’s possible for some of us, because the old modules are automatically maxed, that means mythical/legendary items need almost 8,000 gold to fuse. To quote Mohadib, “EVERYTHING IS DOOMED!”


Yo sigo diciendo se debe compensar a los jugadores han comprado acorde a la inversión que hicieron en el juego


I have 500 extra items in my inventory and 159k and no new items to boost basiacly im fucked




[details=Summary][spoiler]tacticsoft team is happy…

they are doing party reading our cringy comments hehehe[/spoiler][/details]


True True… we need no gold for upgrading and my item space…

Fixed it…


we NEED NO sm coins requirement for upgrading…
please @RasberryBleach2 correct yourselft